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Be sure to source your materials for sharing from only the official media sites to be certain that you have accessed correct information, the most updated media and forms, etc.


Please take Notice that due to the historic importance and significance of the mission Payment Order 1-11 our focus is always on the safety and security of this auspicious Mission, its clarity, integrity and cohesion to the Mandate of Heaven on Earth.  Much misinformation, disinformation and propaganda abounds around the internet and we wish to make available correct and up to date OFFICIAL documents, media and information to the public as it is their right to know about the LIBERATION OF HUMANITY.

Due mostly to the electronic age where documents/logos/seals etc can be copied, pasted, and altered – there has been misuse of official documents as well as outright abuse of official documents, unauthorised usage of Logos, seals and letterheads as well as un-authorised documents created and released under the guise of official NEO UN-Swissindo NEO UKOGSE documentation.

Therefore, please take Notice that ONLY press releases, news, publications, official documentation intended for public release and any other official business are published and available from this website and the officially listed social media available and kept updated at

If you find any press releases, news, publications, alleged official documentation intended for public release, and any other alleged official business or comment on any other website, forum, social media (such as Facebook) that is not published on this website then we would respectfully ask you to do one or all of the following:

  1. Please copy website url of publication and/or social media post and email with any comment to:
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We thank you in advance for your co-operation and assistance in helping Hon. Bapak and the NEO UN-Swissindo NEO UKOGSE team to maintain accurate, up-to-date public information for the historic liberation of everyone’s debt and the creation of Heaven on Earth through Payment Order 1-11.