May peace be upon you

Relative to implementation of the declaration of movement statement in defending NKRI & Indonesian Diversity of Unity which scheduled by Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander will be held on  November 30, 2016 in every district/ kodam/ koramil (army post areas) at 34 province. More or less at 07.00 AM, therefore all of the UN SWISSINDO volunteers are requested to participate in this event as a symbol of a unity between Indonesian Military, citizens & UN SWISSINDO for people prosperity and justice.

At that event, all the volunteers are requested to use UN SWISSINDO attributes and also to document at the end of the event by giving a Military Salute along with the leader of the Indonesian Military (TNI) and share it via the social media.

Make this event as a public socialization and all our true intention firmly in defending this Divine Mission along with the Indonesian Military (TNI).

Thank you for your attention and all your sacrifice in order to implement this event. May God Almighty continues to provide us all with simplicity and support.


Notes: Regarding information of location and time, please coordinate with any army post in each district at 34 province

That’s only from a few districts!! Many districts in 34 provinces!!!!

Just received news from Majelengka, the Bupati ( head of district ) was interviewed just now by several medias and one of the questions was about Swissindo, to summarize it he said: he supports Swissindo, banks and leasing companies to hold asking payments from their consumers and wait for the decision from the government.

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