WKE-UNS Global Meeting Agenda for 8th Anniversary of Semar Super Semar

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The agenda for the 8th anniversary of Semar Super Semar in 2022, coincides and is accompanied by phenomenal world events. A series of natural disasters that occurred almost equally in every region of Indonesia, natural disasters in several regions of Asian countries, western countries, and European countries, which continued to accompany the mission’s journey. The global Covid-19 pandemic that has not ended, the ongoing economic crisis, and the outbreak of war conflict between Russia and Ukraine in February 2022, added to the tension between the interests of the political power, among countries with power and great influence in the world, increasingly heating up.

The opening of the confrontation and the start of the outbreak of the 3rd World War, which had been predicted by many parties, was taking place, this event is a clear indication that, an episode of the Kurusetra War (1000 BCE) event is indeed being held. The crisis due to the war between Russia and Ukraine has also spread rapidly through the encouragement of political attitudes from member countries of the United Nations (UN), which imposed sanctions, as an effort to restrain and stop the movement against Russian military attacks. The United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council are currently busy predicting the outcome of this conflict.

Almost went unnoticed, and efforts were made to anticipate from the public and the attitude of the implementers in the government in every country, this 3rd world war would occur, which in fact has become the entry point towards accelerating the great apocalypse of a global scale system (Global Reset). It was published in 2009 by The Big Top Royal K.681, King of Kings, The Chairman of UNO, Kholifatul Imam Mahdi, HM.MR.A1.Sino AS. S”2” .IR.Soegihartonotonegoro,HW,ST,MA,M1, provided warnings, directions, and instructions through his writings on the platform “ANSWER AND CHALLENGE OF THE WORLD TOWARDS THE DYNAMICS OF ECONOMIC CHANGES OF THE PANCASILA“. In the message and warning, it is emphasized that, sooner or later, the occurrence of a change in the overall system (globalization) of a human civilization, is something that is fixed and something that is certain, moves naturally and is structured. Consequently, every generation should have knowledge, ability, expertise, intelligence, chivalry mentality and wise attitude, to face every challenge and change that comes in every era.

In 2022, the stages and processes of the movement of change are increasingly shown in all lines in every system, through projections on displays of various events of the tragedy of the human genocide, in the midst of an incessant campaign for peace and the protection of the basic rights of human life on earth. Various bodies and the existence of important institutions at the world-class level, continue to be tested and held accountable, to be able to resolve quickly, precisely, correctly, real and wisely, related to various conflicts and problems of mankind in the world.

The United Nations as a world high institution, is expected to provide guarantees, assistance, protection, and solutions to its members, seems as losing their authority, strength, dignity and spirit. Is it enough just to have a legal existence status, and with the authority and power of an organization at the global level, can it solve all the crucial and critical problems that are befalling its member countries? It is a clue, warning and important lesson that we must realize for ourselves from the Lord, controller of Nature that, when the time has come, it is the nature and provision to make a change, then no power effort will be able to block and stop it.

The General Management Merger Authority through LTTN-LTTB Swissindo, the merger between the World Kingdom Empire and the United Nations (20 October 2021), becomes a very important historical milestone, because it serves as the basis for the legal umbrella, or International Legal Standing. General Management Merger of the United Nations into the World Kingdom Empire, is also the golden gate for the return and reunification of Exhibit AB (Back To Basic). Thus we, as officers and in charge of missions across the five continents, should welcome with gratitude and joy, for the occurrence of the GMMA WKE-UNS (General Management Merger Authority), by continuing to exist and increase activities to maintain, guard, and secure settlements. WKE-UNS mission, for the sake of saving the people, with the encouragement of awareness, sense of pure and sincere guidance, together with the implementation of the Global P1-11 System program. The occurrence of the General Management Merger Authority is also an important part of the real implementation and application of the Semar Super Semar agenda.

The agenda for the commemoration of Semar Super Semar in 2022, was carried out through a global meeting (teleconference global meeting), with officials of the five continents, which was held on March 11, 2022. The event started at 20.00 WIB, which was attended by nearly two hundred delegates/ officers from the five continents. The WKE-UNS delegation countries that attended the global meeting on the Semar Super Semar 11/03/2022 agenda were:

  1. WKE-UNS Delegation of Australia
  2. WKE-UNS Delegation of Bosnia & Herzegovina
  3. WKE-UNS Delegation of Brazil
  4. WKE-UNS Delegation of Colombia
  5. WKE-UNS Delegation of Ecuador
  6. WKE-UNS Delegation of Europe
  7. WKE-UNS Delegation of France
  8. WKE-UNS Delegation of Germany
  9. WKE-UNS Delegation of Italy
  10. WKE-UNS Delegation of India
  11. WKE-UNS Delegation of Indonesia
  12. WKE UNS Delegation of Laos
  13. WKE-UNS Delegation of Mexico
  14. WKE-UNS Delegation of Nigeria
  15. WKE-UNS Delegation of North Macedonia
  16. WKE-UNS Delegation of Nigeria
  17. WKE-UNS Delegation of Peru
  18. WKE-UNS Delegation of Serbia
  19. WKE-UNS Delegation of Slovenia
  20. WKE-UNS Delegation of South Africa
  21. WKE-UNS Delegation of Switzerland
  22. WKE-UNS Delegation of USA

Some references, directions, messages and instructions from The Big Top Royal K.681, King of Kings, The Chairman of UNO, Kholifatul Imam Mahdi, HM. MR. A1. Sino. AS. S”2″. IR. Soegihartonotonegoro, HW, ST, MA, M1, on the occasion of the Semar Super Semar event in 2022 as follows:

  1. The General Management Merger Authority of WKE-UNS is the highest achievement of the mission, so it is a very extraordinary job and task from God, which was sent down to earth to complete justice and prosperity for all people.
  2. With the existence of the GMMA (General Management Merger Authority) with the World Empire Kingdom (WKE-UNS), the United Nations (UN) is an institution that represents the World Kingdom Empire.
  3. The birth of the World Kingdom Empire (WKE-UNS), was not based on mere human desires, but on the guidance of Divine revelation.
  4. GMMA is part of the tools, procedures, and systems that function to restore the United Nations institution and their members.
  5. Preparation for the implementation of the P1-11 global system program completion event organizer.
  6. The presence of delegations of officers and persons in charge of WKE-UNS from the countries, shows the existence of the mission’s escort from the five continents.
  7. The officers and persons in charge of WKE-UNS must survive in overseeing the process of security and safety in the implementation of the WKE-UNS GMMA global event mission.
  8. WKE-UNS provides full support, backs, sustains and assists the World Government, including in it the United Nations (United Nations).

The agenda for the 8th Semar Super Semar global meeting on March 11, 2022, went well and smoothly. We, from the Joint Operations, Publication, and Resolution Coordinator Team, representing the officers and persons in charge, as well as WKE-UNS volunteers at all levels, express our gratitude, respect, and appreciation, for being held and carried out well, smoothly and the success of the agenda for the 8th anniversary of Semar Super Semar 11032022, to:

  1. God Almighty.
  2. The Big Top Royal K.681, King of Kings M1, Chairman of UNO, Kholifatul Imam Mahdi.
  3. Organizing Committee for the 8th Agenda of the Semar Super Semar Commemoration March 11, 2022 WKE-UNS.
  4. WKE-UNS World Prime Minister of Finance and Banking, H.M. Ani Forest, who is also the Organizing Committee and Moderator at the Semar Super Semar 8th Anniversary event in 2022.
  5. Support from The Board of World Prime Ministers of WKE-UNS and their staff.
  6. Support from the Delegates and officers/persons in charge of WKE-UNS of the five continents and their staff.
  7. Support from the WKE-UNS Top Presidents and their staff.
  8. Support from the Deputy Generals of WKE-UNS and their staff.
  9. Support from WKE-UNS volunteers.
  10. Support from parties that we cannot mention/show, who have contributed directly or indirectly, and have participated in helping so that the agenda for the 8th Semar Super Semar event in 2022 can be carried out smoothly and well.
  11. Support from the public (general public), parties who have sympathized, from observers and fighters for truth enforcement, justice enforcers, and defenders of human rights.

Commitment, consistency, and sincerity towards the implementation of God’s mission, must always continue to be raised, fought for and maintained in every officer carrying the mandate, with hope, the gift of strength and the blessing of the Divine pure light, continues to illuminate and lead to the path of truth and salvation, in order to achieve a settlement to realize justice and welfare of the people on earth, Rahayu NKRI, Rahayu Nusantara Jaya Raya.

Cirebon Indonesia, 12 March 2022

With our respect,

H.E. S.Rahardjo

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