Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) by M1 is a Constitutive Decision

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The Warehouses of IMMAM MAHDI- UN SWISSINDO WAREHOUSES video is a glimpse of the World assets, Trusty Prasasty Dynasty, Exhibits AB, 99.98% physical cash that is under the AUTHORITY of the Royal K.681 M1.

The photos and videos of the warehouses have been taken by members of the FEDS with M1’s permission in 2010. The warehouses are guarded and protected by its own system that cannot be detected even with the latest technology until today. Those who have the privilege to be there never know how they get in and out of the location.

The States M1 World Supply is ready for all to benefit, through Payment Order 1-11 programs for 253 of 357 countries, including Debt Burden Liberation Certificate and M1 Voucher for Basic income for Life.


Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) by M1 is a Constitutive Decision

In relation to the Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) for every citizen, authorized by UN Swissindo to the President of the Republic of Indonesia as well as the ranks of its cabinet, has been published so as to qualify as Public Information containing values, meanings and messages, both data, facts and explanations which may be viewed, heard, and read presented in various packaging and formats in accordance with the development of information and communication technology electronically or non-electronic.

That the right to obtain information is a human right and public information disclosure becomes one of the important characteristics of a democratic state that upholds the sovereignty of the people to realize the best country administration, so that a public body that relates to the country organizers and the administration of the country and / or organizers and the administration of other public bodies in accordance with Law no. 14 of 2008, on the disclosure of public information, shall keep, administer, transmit and / or receive as public information and be a public right, which must be communicated to the public in this case the people or society.

It is even a crime for any persons or public legal entity who does not publish, convey information needed by the people let alone this public information in the form of debt burden liberation that has been surely expected by every person and is an absolute right and protected by law so if there is any obstacles or failures in obtaining this public information, in accordance with the decision of this Law, shall have the right to bring a lawsuit to the court.

Whereas the Law governing the Transparency of Public Information is merely to realize the good country administration, which is transparent, effective and efficient, accountable and obligated, according to Law no. 28 of 1999 that the State Administration has a decisive role in the implementation of the state to achieve the ideals of the nation’s struggle to realize a just and prosperous society as stated in the 1945 Constitution.

Whereas the Parties of Bank Indonesia and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia have actually been very aware and understand the particular document. So there is no other option for Bank Indonesia and the government and should immediately respond publicly, by announcing the contents of the Absolute Law Decree of the global supervisor, manager, controller and comptroller of the M1 assets, debt burden liberation certificate for the people or every citizen that has been issued, validated and legalized by UN SWISSINDO led by Single Owner, Single Authority, One Personal Only-Non Commercial, YM Royal, K.681, HM MR.A1.Sino.AS.S “2”. IR.Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.ST.M1, as the sole owner of MICROFILM, Certificate Code 99.98 Series 1-4, Wareld Van Eighendom Verponing OndernemingLandreform of International Certificate, UBS Convanel, 1951. U.N. Registration, Batavia 1945, UNAPPROVAL No. MISA 81704, Patent License Agreement of Legal Payment Standard World Currency Printing, Single Owner of 884 Bank Accounts worldwide, Infinite Bank Statements, The Committee of 300-The World Bank Group-United Nations, Final Audited Register ASBLP-0330-2012.

In addition to the DBLC, Bank Indonesia is also accountable for the global accounts in 6 prime banks in Indonesia, part of the 884 accounts that have been audited by World Bank as Final Audited Register ASBLP-0330-2012.

That the certification is a decision and a legal policy as a concrete manifestation of the implementation and application of protection and defense of the basic rights of human life to be free from all forms of oppression, suffering and aggravation of suffering and misery. And restore mankind, to be a noble, prosperous, just, opulent and living creature who must be filled with a sense of peace in living life on this planet earth.

The Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) for the people or humanity is actually a concrete implementation of the ideology and philosophy of Pancasila in the fifth precepts and the 1945 Constitution of article 33 verses 1 to 4 and Article 34 paragraph 1 to 3 and has been established in the trust and world mandate as outlined in the United Nations declaration of guarantees for respect and protection of human rights, established on 10 December 1948 in Paris.

The Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) for every citizen, applies not only to Indonesia alone but also applies to all citizens of countries in the world. DBLC was launched on February 4, 2016, with Joint Decree of M1 and Mahkamah Agung (Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia) SPRIN NO.UN81704/009 M1, dated June 23, 2016; was declared including the UN Swissindo Program, Payment Order 1-11 (P1-11), which is known Globally and realizes the ideals of Founding Father, Indonesia the World Lighthouse at Aklamasi Akbar (Grand Acclamation) 16-10-2016 at Taman Pandang Monas, Jakarta Indonesia.

Absolute and total legal decree concerning the debt burden liberation for the people is a Juridical Fact considering that it was issued by M1, The sole owner of 884 Bank Accounts worldwide, Infinite Bank Statements, The Committee of 300-The World Bank Group-United Nations, Final Audited Register ASBLP- 0330-2012 that is entitled and authorized to constitute a right, it may be referred to as a Constitutive Decision, which means a Decision that causes or creates a right for a recipient, a decision that creates a legal relationship, and has legal consequences.

In the legal world, if the decision fulfills 3 (three) conditions then it can be called Decision of Declaration of Constitutive Decree. The provisions of the Declaration simply state that the law is so (recthtsvastellende beschikking), whereas the Constitutive Decree is making the law (rechtscheppend).

Whereas since the constitutional decision on the debt burden liberation by M1, legally applies Mutatis Mutandis, which when His Excellency M1 relinquishes his right, then immediately, the right automatically reaches and switches to the recipients (community), therefore the actions of Banks that do not realize/ implement become unlawful deeds, because the debt burden liberation is already the right of beneficiary and vice versa, it is the Banks’ legal obligation to implement.

Liberation of debt burden is expected by society because it contains / carries things that are good and worthy to be followed let alone needed and public confidence creates public power so that the power of public confidence becomes a binding force is also a source of law (Law written / Habit / public belief)

Therefore, the Banks/Financiers are no longer eligible to collect, especially withdraw money from the debtor, because the legal relationship between the customer/debt owner (debtor) and the bank/financier (creditor) by law has expired, it no longer has a status of money for repayment/installment/withdrawal. So when the Government or Bank Indonesia announce the validity and supports the UN Swissindo DBLC, it fulfills the elements of criminal fraud and/or embezzlement of the banks/financiers, for collecting the installment/money, including holding their customers’ collateral, because there is no reason to further detain and should be immediately handed back to their customers. You can imagine the loss and suffering that their customers have to endure due to that fact.

There is no longer a legal binding relationship between the banks/financiers, only a legal binding relationship between the banks/financiers and the UN Swissindo. Whichever the reason, the Customers/Society should not be burdened with the banks/financiers and UN Swissindo issues.

YY International Advocate UNS-NEO UKOGSE

Note: All Banks and Finance institutions must repay all the installments/repayments/withdrawal they have been collecting since February 4, 2016 (the launch of the DBLC).

H.M. Ani Forest
WPM of Finance & Banking