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Our Vision

Creating “Heaven on Earth” by:

  1. Changing and Improving the Order of Life and Human Life.
  2. Restoring human nature as the Most Noble Creature.
  3. Giving Abundant Welfare Life to All Mankind.
  4. Creating a harmonious relationship between countries and among fellow creatures of God.
  5. Realizing a natural and close relationship of man/woman with God, the Creator of The universe, according to the religion each embraces.

Our Mission

World Kingdom Empire – Swissindo World Trust International Orbit (WKE-UNS) aims to free humanity from financial and physical burdens of the slavery systems, reconnecting to nature, back to basics and back to Source, creating Spiritual awareness and aligning Heaven back to Earth through Payments 1-11 Implementation.

WKE-UNS is a non-profit humanitarian organization that wish to present to you a World Solution Gift Offer of Payment 1-11 of the Construction of the Universe for the people of the World in 253/357 Countries.

Our mission is to return the world’s freedom and inheritance back to the people, to every man, woman and child in this world.

WKE-UNS Connect – Paticipate – Partner

To connect with World Kingdom Empire -Swissindo World Trust International Orbit (WKE-UNS) and participate in sharing the Debt Burden Liberation Certificates (DBLC) and M1 Vouchers (M1V) in your area, as our official Media Sponsors and Supporters in the notification process:

  • Contact Communications at: hm.royalmmd.sec@un‐
  • Submit a Letter of Intent to support (WKE-UNS)
  • Include your name with Contact information (email address, an office or mobile phone number), so that we may send you and/or your team the Ministry of Social Entertainment & Communications level representatives in your vicinity (this will ensure you have a point of easy access and that you are in receipt of the most up to date approved materials data and resources).

A WKE-UNS representative will contact you to introduce themselves, provide you with further details, and ensure that any questions you may have are answered, once we are in receipt of your communication and provide the next steps to finalize this process with you.