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UN Swissindo Payment Order 1-11 (P1-11) is the answer …. Think about it mathematically.

🌈 P1-11, including the “Human Obligation”, is to be paid to each person during his/her lifetime (Guaranteed Basic Income) and it is apart from “Country Quota” payment for each Country.

🌈 P1-11 is intended to be released over 50 years ago, but the JFK assassination and the coup in Indonesia had delayed the release of these funds.

🌈 P1-11 is intended to protect all persons and the human rights which cannot be taken away from them, especially the weak or vulnerable; and for the protection of each Country – both “National Security” and protection of Mother Earth, which is inhabited by Countries, air, water and all life.

🌈 P1-11 is intended to save the Global Economy from the collapse that M1 sees, which cannot be resolved without the P1-11.

🌈 P1-11 is intended to pay all debts in full – that is all the Governments/Countries debt, Corporations’ debt (up to two billion USD each) and Individuals’ debt (up to two billion Rupiah per person).

🌈 P1-11 is intended to fund the restoration of the environmental damage, to restore the Earth, returning it to its natural state of Abundance. And this will be supported by the release of new technologies and other technologies that have long been suppressed and hidden.

🌈 P1-11 is intended for the New World Currency ESTWO printing, backed by Gold, for each Country (if the Country chooses to do so) to end the financial bondage; replacing the scarcity of the fiat money and to be made abundantly for everyone.

🌈 P1-11 is intended to liberate the People from the constant struggle for survival, so they can pursue the vitality of life according to their hearts desire.

🌈 P1-11 is intended to empower People, in order to co-create the World that they desire.

🌈 P1-11 is intended to fund reconstructions and modernizing the World, the Venus Project – the Construction of the Universe.

🌈 P1-11 are intended to help launch a new business paradigm, an open source of information and access to information in the field of banking, energy, media, Government, the UN, the law and justice, science and technology, education, health, industry and all elements of society – through transparency.

🌈 P1-11 is intended to help reveal the true history and other …

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