Socialization update


ECUADOR – On Friday, April 6th, 2018 justice was served in the court of Caluma, Province of Los Rios, Ecuador, as UN Swissindo (UNS) Deputy, Nelson Gustavo Bejarano Rocha and three UNS volunteers from COPLAC GpDR (Jonathan Joel Abril Lopez, Julio Lino Tomala Contreras, Raul Ezequias Llanos Nunez), represented by lawyer Pablo Arellano Martinez, were acquitted from a claim of fraud, for purportedly, ‘illegally’ distributing M1 Vouchers to the people of Ecuador. The case was dismissed, based on significant evidence presented, which validates the M1 Voucher that guarantees a lifetime basic income, as part of the comprehensive World Mission of Payments 1-11 (P1-11), to free the world of the debt slavery system. Nelson and his three volunteers were found innocent and the case was dismissed, by Judge Diego Mauricio Jarrin Velasco.

In October 2017, Deputy Nelson, of COPLAC GpDR, an NGO for the Development of Civil Society of Ecuador, joined UNS, to volunteer as a Deputy representing the area of Ecuador, with express interest in the socialization and distribution of the M1 Voucher, implementing his new model to partner with Associations, Community Councils, Foundations… to sponsor the M1 Voucher and host events providing print copies of the M1 Voucher Global Gift, for their members and personally manage the expenses of the events internally.

A National Red Alert went up to the police, when a band of people began fraudulently charging from USD 1 to USD 200 for the FREE M1 VOUCHER. February 15, 2018, Deputy Nelson was arrested, in the city of Caluma Province of Los Rios, 2 hours from his hometown Guayaquil, in the facilities of the Drivers Union, while presenting the M1 VOUCHER to its members. None of his Official UNS ID documents were taken into consideration, as his case was based on 3 false testimonies and in a flagrant offence, accusing Deputy Nelson of Massive fraud, which does not grant bail, with a charge from 7 to 10 years. Deputy Nelson was transferred to the detention facility of Guaranda, Province of Bolivar 3 hours from Caluma for 30 days, while the investigations were made. He was detained a total of 50 days, during which time 100 lawyers were interviewed and provided with significant evidence that they all concluded there was no base for such an extreme charge. They have since acquired further interest in UNS P1-11 and the M1 VOUCHER programs. Deputy Nelson also received an emergency gall bladder operation that had been delayed due to his arrest.

To date, Deputy Nelson and thousands of volunteers continue the fight to free Ecuador and the world through distributing the M1 Vouchers and DBLC and making communication with Ecuador’s government, including the President, to support Indonesia the World Lighthouse. Freedom for Indonesia means freedom for the world.