UN Swissindo and Diruna become ONE

Congratulations!  You are now in a position to announce to the world that their prayers are being answered! Prayers for Heaven on Earth bringing in a NEW CIVILIZATION where everyone is Prosperous and Harmonious!

No, you are not dreaming!

Please read the Good News in our Public Media Release online  – https://wke-uns.info/historic-un-swissindo-uns-and-diruna-dra-general-bank-merger/

In this wonderful report you will learn how everyone on the planet will receive a $1200 US monthly basic income for life and have all their debts forgiven.  You will be impelled to spread this GOOD NEWS…to your friends, your family and your favorite social media! Your message will snowball to the entire WORLD and you will have the great feeling of being part of restoring Heaven on Earth.

Together, we are preparing for the construction of a bright new universe through Payment Order 1-11, which will usher in a New Civilization that is Sovereign, Just, Prosperous, Peaceful and Harmonious.

We are the People…….POWER TO THE PEOPLE!