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“To all whom these presents come, greetings”

Welcome to the Dynasty,


A GIFT being transferred from the Honorable King of Kings Royal, K.681, H.M. MR. A1.SINO.AS.S”2”.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST.M1 to the people of this Planet. “As Good As Aval”

We are witness to a spiritual leader and Metaphysical manifestation of the King of Kailasa. Kailasa is a Kingdom not born of royal bloodline, but of a line of soul family connection beyond the need of bloodline. It is the family of King Solomon, his ancestors and descendants.

Said to have had thousands of children, King Solomon’s soul linage over time has continued and today come together in recognition of and in collective manifestation of the Prophecy of Heaven on Earth.

“Let it be Known that”

Your Presence in the acceptance of your powerful position bestowed upon you for such a time as this to incarnate PEACE upon the entire planet. What a glorious role you will play as we see you as the Assayer and Refiner of the Great Architecture of a Global Jubilee and Basic Income for every living Being on our Gifted and shared Planet. To End All wars and for the first time in our world’s history “A NEW WORLD PEACE AGREEMENT “

We the World Great Ministers accept your Oath.

WE witness your standing for the Global Peace and Reconciliation so desired by Peacemakers since time immemorial.

Welcome to the Dynasty 888

(Indonesian version)
Hari bahagia yang dinanti akan tiba
Semua orang bahagia dan bergembira
Pada hari itu tidak ada lagi kesedihan dan penderitaan
Semua akan tersedia.
Cinta dan kasih sayang akan tumbuh
Saling mencinta sesama
Saling mencurahkan isi hati.
Damai di bumi Persada ini, damai pula di hati.

(English translation)
The long-awaited, happy promised day is approaching;
All will be happy and convivial;
On that day, there will be no sadness, nor will there be misery;
All shall be provided;
Love and affection will grow’ Loving each other;
Peace on Persada earth, peace in our heart.

President Commissaries UN-SWISSINDO

Invisible Becomes Visible in the Imperial and Final Act of Creation

(Indonesian Version)
Pada suatu malam yang panjang kemudian terciptalah rasa keinginan untuk mencipta, dan keinginan rasa menjadikan cipta dan kemudian diciptakanlah terangnya siang dan itulah kekuasaan malam saat brahmania cantika tercipta gemuruh aura alam semesta merasuki dalamnya dan luarnya kesempurnaan Sri Mulih Medang Kamulyan di Bumi Sang Hyang Tunggal tanah perjanjian. saat kesempurnaanMu menerangi terangnya siang pastilah engkau sang penguasa malam itu. di situlah semua mahluk yang memiliki nama dan tanggal lahir menempuh perjalanan perjanjian kehidupan peradabannya, saatnya peradaban tiada tara tercipta di tanah persada, dan semua menerima karena ada yang memberiNya, mendengar karena pendengarannya dan tersenyum pastilah dengan indahnya. itulah lagu dengan larasnya alam semesta

(English translation version 1)
In a long night, there came desire to create, and the desire was created. Then the daylight was created. That is the power of the universe. When brahmania Cantika was created, a rumbling of aura was seeping through and outside the perfection of Sri Mulih Medang Kamulyan on Earth of Sang Hyang Tunggal — the promised land. By the time Your perfection was flashing on the brightness of the day, it must have been Thee, the Ruler of the night. It is where all created beings, who have names and birthdates have and will journey a voyage of life civilization agreement, it was the time when unequaled civilization was created on Persada earth, and all received because there was a Giver, they heard through their hearing and they must have smiled beautifully. That was a song in harmony with the universe.

(English translation version 2)
One long night a sense of desire for creation was created, which made sense to create daylight and that is the power of the night. When Brahman’s (birthplace of all form in visible reality) beautiful natural aura known in the universe permeated therein and outer perfection of Sri then returns glory and wonders on Earth to a single promised land. Perfection smiling when daylight will surely illuminate the ruler of the night. That is where all the creatures with names and date of birth journey of life’s agreement of civilization, at a time of civilization creation in the land of matchless created roads (journeys), and all received because of existence, and because all heard the smiles were surely beautiful. That is the song known by center of the Universe.

Compact Between Earths Heart, Moon Light & Sun Rays

Where As We Agree on the Future Protection of the Lineage of Mother Earth and All her inhabitants Living Systems throughout Her vast Garden of Plenty

  • As we reach out to the farms to till the earth
    We recognize the Living Systems in all things and the existence of all being connected to every Living System
  • As we reach out to the rainforests plush with earth medicine
    We recognize the Living Systems in all things and the existence of all being connected to every Living System
  • As we reach out to the deserts sands holding time
    We recognize the Living Systems in all things and the existence of all being connected to every Living System
  • As we reach out to the oceans of vast water worlds
    We recognize the Living Systems in all things and the existence of all being connected to every Living System
  • As we reach out to the many layers of the earths crust and shield
    We recognize the Living Systems in all things and the existence of all being connected to every Living System
  • As we reach into the clouds suspended in ether
    We recognize the Living Systems in all things and the existence of all being connected to every Living System
  • As we reach into space and it’s many frontiers
    We recognize the Living Systems in all things and the existence of all being connected to every Living System
  • As we reach into our Hearts Lighthouse
    We recognize the Living Systems in all things and the existence of all being connected to every Living System

Thus Let It Be Known That the Great Earth, Great Moon & Great Sun have ever been and ever will be United in the Greatest Harmonic Emergence of Cooperation with the Omni-law-verse where by All Energies Unite and Align to Breath in and Breath out as a Living Unit, a part of Universal laws seen and unseen.

This ACT is memorialized for the Greater Good of Livings Systems into our Eternal Futures of Existence. We Unite in the Guardianship and Care for the Source that this Marriage provides Giving to One and Giving to All to Restore, Heal and Reconcile the Great misunderstandings of entitlement; rather what emerges is a true understanding of the Source that is ALL Giving to Each and Every in Equal Measure.

We Collaborate, Celebrate and Honor the Construction of the Universe as Promised. Let us begin by Acknowledging the Living Systems as a whole and We are the Royal Pure Beings of God Almighty in this World Family of the Kingdom of Kailasa. May Heaven be here on Earth evermore as we dwell in her Gardens of Eden.

Who will oversee the return of the lands, who will oversee that land guardians are never interfered with again?

Who will watch over all the protection armies keeping the land as blessed and cared for our future generations?

Who will tend to the Garden of Eden and look after its Caretakers?

Like all Living Systems our Grandmother Earth needs a voice, she needs her four directions healed from the scorching and misuse of her Sacred Pearls, as we crest the Zenith we are aware that All will hold an important role in the Construction of the Universe, some have been Called and some have Come forward to do just that, Hold a Role for the next Generations of Life on our Dear and Sacred Planet.

The answer is All of Us Together, will Oversee this Grand Design as with all well constructed pure operating systems. With integrated Meritocracies, we find the Pure Beings Rise to the occasion when given the chance, hearing the word YES echoed from Heavenly Realms, will jump into the rocket ship seat and learn while in flight, as the sheer Excitement of Being Alive becomes the Impulse of Awakening to our Destiny, we are Enchanted by the Forest and also Forever so Inspired by the Beauty of Creation itself.

It becomes important to understand the Architect’s Foundational Renderings along with the Foresight that when into the Design and the Logic behind it. First and foremost this Divine Plan “will always be So” for it is the Mission itself. The return of Grandmother Gaia to her Eden state where All of her Children delight in the knowing that it is a shared Realm to be Given over and over again; Just as the sacred burning torch in the World Games of Olympics. It will form in the minds of All, this Eden we deliver back to the hands who Care for her in the ways of the Elders and the knowledge of the Sages, together we Bind our Oaths to Care for the Planet and Honor those who are responsible to bring a New World Peace Agreement to the People of this Planet, finally we will see the Ones who Serve the Earth Planet and who Stand Accountable for the Future it holds in its Sacred Living Systems. In this Realm we Care we Desire to Understand all aspects of the Interconnected Great Construct of this Universe.

So as never to repeat the past we must remember the future we are envisioning together.

“The important thing is for humans to come up with a binding agreement to live and act responsibly towards their Planetary neighbours.”

Thiong’o Ng’ang’a, PORINI, Kenya

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

In April 2010, on Mother Earth Day, participants of the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth drafted and In 2012 the United Nations’ Rio +20 Earth Summit recognized the need to live in harmony with Nature and paragraph 39 of the General Assembly’s Resolution ”The Future We Want” acknowledged that some countries recognise the Rights of Nature. There is a global campaign for the endorsement and implementation of the Declaration by the United Nations and governments globally.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a milestone document in the history of human rights. Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948 General Assembly resolution 217 A as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations. It sets out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected.

Rights of Mother earth

The right to live and to exist;
The right to be respected;
The right to regenerate its bio-capacity and to continue it’s vital cycles and processes free of human alteration;
The right to maintain their identity and integrity as differentiated beings, self-regulated and interrelated;
The right to water as the source of life;
The right to clean air;
The right to comprehensive health;
The right to be free of contamination and pollution, free of toxic and radioactive waste;
The right to be free of alterations or modifications of it’s genetic structure
in a manner that threatens it’s integrity or vital and healthy functioning;
The right to prompt and full restoration for violations to the rights
acknowledged in this Declaration caused by human activities.
Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth


We, the peoples and nations of Earth:

  • considering that we are all part of Mother Earth, an indivisible,
    living community of interrelated and interdependent beings with a common destiny;
  • gratefully acknowledging that Mother Earth is the source of life, nourishment and learning and provides everything we need to live well;
  • recognizing that the capitalist system and all forms of depredation, exploitation, abuse and contamination have caused great destruction, degradation and disruption of Mother Earth, putting life as we know it today at risk through phenomena such as climate change;
  • convinced that in an interdependent living community it is not possible to recognize the rights of only human beings without causing an imbalance within Mother Earth;
  • affirming that to guarantee human rights it is necessary to recognize and defend the rights of Mother Earth and all beings in her and that there are existing cultures, practices and laws that do so;
  • conscious of the urgency of taking decisive, collective action to transform structures and systems that cause climate change and other threats to Mother Earth;

proclaim this Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, and call on the General Assembly of the United Nation to adopt it, as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations of the world, and to the end that every individual and institution takes responsibility for promoting through teaching, education, and consciousness raising, respect for the rights recognized in this Declaration and ensure through prompt and progressive measures and mechanisms, national and international, their universal and effective recognition and observance among all peoples and States in the world.

Article 1. Mother Earth

(1) Mother Earth is a living being.

(2) Mother Earth is a unique, indivisible, self-regulating community of interrelated beings that sustains, contains and reproduces all beings.

(3) Each being is defined by its relationships as an integral part of Mother Earth.

(4) The inherent rights of Mother Earth are inalienable in that they arise from the same source as existence.

(5) Mother Earth and all beings are entitled to all the inherent rights recognized in this Declaration without distinction of any kind, such as may be made between organic and inorganic beings, species, origin, use to human beings, or any other status.

(6) Just as human beings have human rights, all other beings also have rights which are specific to their species or kind and appropriate for their role and function within the communities within which they exist.

(7) The rights of each being are limited by the rights of other beings and any conflict between their rights must be resolved in a way that maintains the integrity, balance and health of Mother Earth.

Article 2. Inherent Rights of Mother Earth

(1) Mother Earth and all beings of which she is composed have the following inherent rights:
(a) the right to life and to exist;
(b) the right to be respected;
(c) the right to regenerate its bio-capacity and to continue its vital cycles and processes free from human disruptions;
(d) the right to maintain its identity and integrity as a distinct, self-regulating and interrelated being;
(e) the right to water as a source of life;
(f) the right to clean air;
(g) the right to integral health;
(h) the right to be free from contamination, pollution and toxic or radioactive waste;
(i) the right to not have its genetic structure modified or disrupted in a manner that threatens it integrity or vital and healthy functioning;
(j) the right to full and prompt restoration the violation of the rights
recognized in this Declaration caused by human activities;

(2) Each being has the right to a place and to play its role in Mother Earth for her harmonious functioning.

(3) Every being has the right to wellbeing and to live free from torture or cruel treatment by human beings.

Article 3. Obligations of human beings to Mother Earth

(1) Every human being is responsible for respecting and living in harmony with Mother Earth.

(2) Human beings, all States, and all public and private institutions must:
(a) act in accordance with the rights and obligations recognized in this Declaration;
(b) recognize and promote the full implementation and enforcement of the rights and obligations recognized in this Declaration;
(c) promote and participate in learning, analysis, interpretation and communication about how to live in harmony with Mother Earth in accordance with this Declaration;
(d) ensure that the pursuit of human wellbeing contributes to the wellbeing of Mother Earth, now and in the future;
(e) establish and apply effective norms and laws for the defence, protection and conservation of the rights of Mother Earth;
(f) respect, protect, conserve and where necessary, restore the integrity, of the vital ecological cycles, processes and balances of Mother Earth;
(g) guarantee that the damages caused by human violations of the inherent rights recognized in this Declaration are rectified and that those responsible are held accountable for restoring the integrity and health of Mother Earth;
(h) empower human beings and institutions to defend the rights of Mother Earth and of all beings;
(i) establish precautionary and restrictive measures to prevent human activities from causing species extinction, the destruction of ecosystems or the disruption of ecological cycles;
(j) guarantee peace and eliminate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons;
(k) promote and support practices of respect for Mother Earth and all beings, in accordance with their own cultures, traditions and customs;
(l) promote economic systems that are in harmony with Mother Earth and in accordance with the rights recognized in this Declaration.

Article 4. Definitions

(1) The term “being” includes ecosystems, natural communities, species and all other natural entities which exist as part of Mother Earth.

(2) Nothing in this Declaration restricts the recognition of other inherent rights of all beings or specified beings.

Where As it is the understanding of all participating countries that the Parent/ Protectorate is open to All PEOPLE, it is a Gift and “Its” Origins holds a History of Tradition, Customs, ways of living and relating that may be different from our own; However ONES are expected to govern their participation within the Divine Structure Accordingly.

1. America
2. The Netherlands
3. England
4. Germany
5. France
6. Turkey
7. Canada
8. Mexico
9. Venezuela
10. Russia
11. Malaysia
12. The Philippines
13. Singapore
14. Bangkok (Thailand )
15. Saudi Arabia
16. Iraq
17. Iran
18. Egypt
19. Kuwait
20. Japan
21. Pakistan
22. Poland
23. Australia
24. China
25. Lao P.D.R

World Bank
Union Bank of Metal Switzerland (Union Bank Of Switzerland-UBS A.G)
Bank of Indonesia

Where As we agree upon “The New World Peace Agreement” your Honorable cooperation, care, respect and understanding in this “New Realm” environment is desired and requested.

Where As the long standing Debt/Usury incurred by all countries by now, have a collective agreement to end once and for all the use of another’s property without Consent, it is dishonorable and unlawful which makes this a matter of International Security.

Where As All parties are in alignment with the New World Peace Agreement , do not wish to harm, cause loss, nor impede the freedom of another person and their rights to safety and security.

Where As both Public and International Notice have been effected; The acceptance acknowledgment of Hundreds of Countries and “their respective People” have posted internationally: We Unite in Understanding and Care to End all Games of separation and the Good People Declare Peace.

Where As it is our Great Pleasure to Serve Mankind in this way, it is indeed our divine right to self-determine our future together as a collective, with each having their own true will to follow. Unencumbered to assemble, unencumbered to choose, unencumbered on our ascent to our creator in every moment and interaction we participate in, we gladly acknowledge this freedom in all actions, with accompanied RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY when consenting to participate in the New World Peace Agreement.

Source Documents and Links to their Declarations

*Law of the Rights of Mother Earth (Spanish: Ley de Derechos de la Madre Tierra) is a Bolivian law (Law 071 of the Plurinational State), that was passed by Bolivia’s Plurinational Legislative Assembly in December 2010.[1][2] This 10 article law is derived from the first part of a longer draft bill, drafted and released by the Pact of Unity by November 2010.[3] The full bill remains on the country’s legislative agenda.

The law defines Mother Earth as “a collective subject of public interest,” and declares both Mother Earth and life-systems (which combine human communities and ecosytems) as titleholders of inherent rights specified in the law.[4]

The short law proclaims the creation of the Defensoría de la Madre Tierra a counterpart to the human rights ombudsman office known as the Defensoría del Pueblo, but leaves its structuring and creation to future legislation.

The law is considered to be the first instance of environmental law that gives legal personhood to the natural system, and may also allow for citizens to sue individuals and groups as part of “Mother Earth” in response to real and alleged infringements of its integrity.

To have legal personality means to be capable of having legal rights and obligations[1][2] within a certain legal system, such as entering into contracts, suing, and being sued.[3] Legal personality is a prerequisite to legal capacity, the ability of any legal person to amend (enter into, transfer, etc.) rights and obligations. In international law, consequently, legal personality is a prerequisite for an international organization to be able to sign international treaties in its own name.

Legal persons (lat. persona iuris) are of two kinds: natural persons (also called physical persons) and juridical persons (also called juridic, juristic, artificial, or fictitious persons, lat. persona ficta) – groups of individuals, such as corporations, which are treated by law as if they are persons.[1][4][5] While human beings acquire legal personhood when they are born, juridical persons do so when they are incorporated in accordance with law.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


The States Parties to the present Covenant,

Considering that, in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Recognizing that these rights derive from the inherent dignity of the human person,

Recognizing that, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ideal of free human beings enjoying civil and political freedom and freedom from fear and want can only be achieved if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his civil and political rights, as well as his economic, social and cultural rights,

Considering the obligation of States under the Charter of the United Nations to promote universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and freedoms,

Realizing that the individual, having duties to other individuals and to the community to which he belongs, is under a responsibility to strive for the promotion and observance of the rights recognized in the present Covenant,

Agree upon the following articles:

Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 2200A (XXI) of 16 December 1966 entry into force 23 March 1976, in accordance with Article 49

To understand this role one may seek to understand a few words and their meanings

Definitions for Understanding :

“to officially give (someone) the power to do something”
World Solution Gift Offer, Human Obligation, Country Quota, Debt Relief, Venus Project are mandates for the New World Peace Agreement
Heaven On Earth is the Mandate from God Almighty

“An Act, in order to become law , receives the Royal Assent. It is Noticed Internationally, to the knowledge of the public, and it comes into force on the day of its sanction by Royal Assent, which is given publicly.”

Nothing conduces more to the peace and prosperity of a world united than god’s laws and the adherence and respect granted of their context. They give life, they hold life in honor they guide and they protect, seen from the assent of a royal realm they are the hallmark of order and dignity.

In many countries, commissary is used as a police title. It often corresponds to the command of a police station, which is then known as a “commissariat”. In some armed forces, commissaries are officials charged with overseeing the purchase and delivery of supplies, and they have powers of administrative and financial oversight. In this case the “commissariat” is the organization associated with the corps of commissaries.

A commissary is a government official charged with oversight.

Word history
The word is recorded in English since 1362, for “one to whom special duty is entrusted by a higher power”. This Anglo-French word derives from Medieval Latin commissarius, from Latin commissus (pp. of committere) “entrusted”.

A member of a commission fellow member, member one of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participate in a group organization) a government administrator, executive someone who manages a government agency or department

Primary Meanings of commission
The act of granting authority to undertake certain functions a special group delegated to consider some matter the state of being in good working order and ready for operation an official document issued by a government and conferring on the recipient the rank of an officer in the armed forces the act of granting authority to undertake certain functions

Synonyms: Commissioning
Types: mandate the commission that is given to a government
Type of: authorization, authorization, empowerment the act of conferring legality or sanction or formal warrant a formal statement of a command or injunction to do something, a special assignment

Synonyms: charge, mission
Type of: assignment, duty assignment a duty that you are assigned to perform (especially in the armed forces) charge with a task
Type of: authorize, authorize, clear, pass, grant authorization or clearance for a special group delegated to consider some matter

Synonyms: committee
Type of: administrative body, administrative unit a unit with administrative responsibilities a group of representatives or delegates

Synonyms: delegacy, delegation, deputation, mission
Type of: organization, organization a group of people who work together the state of being in good working order and ready for operation
Type of: operation, the state of being in effect or being operative put into commission; equip for service
Type of: equip, fit, fit out, outfit provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose an official document issued by a government and conferring on the recipient the rank of an officer
Type of: certificate, certification, credential, credentials; a document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts

This Communication will be copied to all Honorable participants of NEO United Kingdom of God Sky Earth and UN-SWISSINDO Organizations

Thank you for your humble service.
For the Highest Good of All
Thank you for your time and consideration
In Honor

This International Notice of Appointment is authored in collaboration and translation with and by:

H.M. Sophiyan Minister of Education and Higher Education
H.M. Kimarie A. Teter/ SINO.AS 70
World Prime Minister of Military Ministry
Grant Gov’t Team THREAD ID: 1-1TB79N

Signatory Authority:
MNH-543008979911-HT-56464661-BFT-564008979-BDR-UNITED NATIONS-4320000
NO. 48/38098-REPORT * CIA. 78609 & NDA. 41809

With all parts in consideration for the GOOD OF ALL



“It is our distinct pleasure to announce the beginning of a “new era for humanity” and all creatures throughout all lands on this Earth. As we begin again, with a truthful, heart based connection to the new true source of all creation and the universe. Our open and unlimited connection to the one God Almighty. This is the essential connective thread from each and every man, woman and child to God, from every man, woman and child to the universe and from every man, woman and child to the nature and to all creatures on our Earth Planet.

“ONE Planet, ONE Human Family.”

“Built upon the foundation of this Universal Family, the Divine Plan and understanding of our one true God, we are re-establishing the Trust and Identity of a new Dynasty.


Establishing the King of Kings as the Architect of this Dynasty with positive intent for the good of all Human Beings and Creatures on the Earth Planet.

The King of Kings is in service to the one true God and to his people in equal measure. To maintain balance and promote love for all things.”

“To the respected, World Prime Ministers, Great Ministers (Maha Menteri), Crown Councils, Top Presidents, World Councils, Advisors of the Keraton Kailasa Jagad Pramuditha Anggarda Paramitha. Emperors, Empress, Prime Ministers, Ministers and Appointees of the Five (5) Continents of the Kingdom – Keraton Linggacala Lima Benua. AAE.A2: Africa. Eropa. Amerika. Australia.”

Upon Appointment, within the Royal Dynasty and his Kingdom -Keraton Kailasa structure are the King Of King’s, King’s Royal Councils, World’s Prime Ministers, World’s Ministers, Emperors and Empress, Linggacala’s Prime Ministers, Linggacala Ministers and respected Appointees, when each Honorable servant is Appointed they are sworn to protect and serve the King of Kings and his Kingdom, NEO The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth,
respectfully, under loyal citizenship and full responsibility.

The King of King appointing the 5 Big Continents – Keraton Lingaggala Lima Benua, and as a member of the Kingdom of the World Order, has fully understood and accepted, firstly, the primary connection to God and his Universal Grand Design, The Divine Plan. Equally and in alignment with the King of King’s Dynastic Grand Design of NEO the United Kingdom of God Sky Earth, in accordance with his given flow chart structure.

This given structure was created and will be administered for clear, direct communication, reporting and task responsibility. The structure of direct communication is to flow from each continent Emperor/Empress, directly and solely to the World Prime Ministers of the Kingdom – Keraton Kailasa.

The World Prime Ministers will then inform the King Of Kings on all matters relating to each of the 5 continents, as long as to ensure that no decision is contrary to the King of King’s policies or wisdom. After which, any matters will be deliberated by the Board of the World’s Prime Ministers as part of their related role and duties. World Prime Ministers will then and only then, be reporting directly to the King of Kings for his absolute review with or without advice or consideration from the World Councils.

The World Councils and Advisory Councils form a direct communication line to the King Of Kings as Advisors. Their roles and duties will focus on assisting the King Of Kings in formulating balanced decisions for the good of the world. Like or dislike, this is the wish of King of King’s. This is his given structure in accordance with the Grand Design of his Dynasty and it must be understood and greatly respected by everyone as Law

Source documents:
World Solution Gift Offer Irrevocable Payment Order 1-11 Construction of the Universe

Forward/CC: All Embassies, Central Authorities, Ambassadors, Ministries

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