M1 delivers world resolution mandate to un secretary general!

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For Immediate Release


CIREBON, JAVA, Indonesia, January 10, 2018 – The world is currently in a state of disarray, upheaval and unrest, due to a history of corruption and deceit that is leading to WWIII, which will only add to the wrath of nature and the unimaginable suffering of the destruction of this global civilization. UN Swissindo’s King of Kings, Royal K.681, H.M. MR. A1.Sino.AS.S”2”.IR. Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.ST.M1 (aka M1) is offering the ONLY Solution in a MANDATE TO THE UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY GENERAL, H.E. ANTONIO GUTERRES, that will end the corrupt world debt slavery system and restore abundance to all 7.4 billion humans, in every country of the world. This Noah’s Ark’s history must not repeat itself!

UN Swissindo, founded in 1887, by the Founding Fathers of the world’s 25 parent countries, with its current Big Top Royal President, M1, holder of F.L.O-Fesselio Liuzes Orfillize, the Right not Given to any Organization/ Institution/ Company/ Government and holder of all world assets and collateral Exhibits AB (Kingdom & Country), through ownership including Microfilm 1 (M1), the “CAR” Certificate of the Country, guarantor of the guaranteed foreign exchange producing countries and legal payment standard of world currency printing license patent, the Parent of 25 Multinational Countries, Series 1-4 Wareld Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming (Landreform of Certificate International 1951 D505). M1 is Owner, Command, Control and Comptroller of the Nations Currency.

This Mandate to United Nations Secretary General, H.E. Antonio Guterres, is to instruct each UN Country Member, including America and Switzerland, who no longer hold currency printing rights, as a result of a lapse, on August 17, 2015, of the 70 year lease agreement since 1945, to exercise the printing of the gold backed global currency “ESTWO” for 20% of each Country Quota for US $138.99 Trillion, to prepare a Bullion Bank building, in order to implement the M1 Voucher, guaranteed by Exhibits AB with Gold and Platinum Certificates in total 78,033,015,393 KGs. in accordance with Re-Confirmation Letter UBS No. UNS-AG/SBG/6118/045/RS.DRS/VII/01.

This Mandate was based on UN-Approval No. Misa 81704/17-8-1945, the end of the 70 year Period in 17-8-2015 and according to these facts; the Historical Legal Background; UPU-Universal Postal Union Registration on 01-05-1887, with official name of Indonesia, ID 3166/Alpha 02; Semar Super Semmar 11 March 2014, Mahkamah Agung Indonesia Joint Decree Letter, SPRIN NO.UN-81704/009 M1; which content was declared including Indonesia as the World Lighthouse in the Aklamasi Akbar (Grand Acclamation) 16-10-2016 at Taman Pandang Monas, Jakarta-Indonesia; the existence of the Final Audit, INFINITE BANK STATEMENT of The Committee of 300-The World Bank Group-United Nations Ref. ASBLP-0330-2012 and EURO CLEAR 2014 and BULLION BIG BANK RATU MAS KENCANA ROOM A1-1A as the World Central Bank.

The release of this World Supply is in accordance with the Declaration of Asset Usage 04 October 2017, signed by SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT (The Committee of 300 – The World Bank Group – United Nations); Legal and Lawful under article 2 section 2-8 UN-Convention.

The UN-SWISSINDO Global Finance system is to escort the world’s ECOSOC Mission, as PEACE KEEPERS and to re-guarantee the global transaction through the P1-11 Program, which includes Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC), and M1 VOUCHER, Guarantor of Guaranteed World Life Basic Income, as part of the Human Obligation, The Venus Project and Vitaness of the Future Cities and Guarantor of Guaranteed New Foreign Exchange Producing Countries and Guaranteed License of Standard Legal Payment World Currency Printing for all Countries, as part of Bullion Bank Transaction, preserves for International Treaties agreements and transactions.

The DBLC has been active since February 4, 2016 providing those who held debts, a credit of up to $2 billion Rupiah for each individual, or rough equivalent up to $150,000 US and credit up to $2 Billion US for each non-individual/corporation. The M1 Voucher, a bond that provides a lifetime basic income of $600 US monthly for students up to 17 years and $1200 US monthly, for every world citizen 17 years and over with a valid ID, is valid since May 9, 2017.

To this day there have been more than 13,000,000 M1 Vouchers distributed around the globe, to Indonesia, Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, UK, Greece, Netherlands, South America, Central America, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Laos, Hong Kong, China the Philippines, and more…

International Unity is of great importance for resolution from a multi-dimensional crisis, including the National Emergency Economy that is afflicting every UN Member State that must be considered for the sake of security and saving every global financial problem in all countries of the world, including the USA, as on December 21, 2017, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order declaring a National Emergency for the United States, and the long standing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

When we start 2018, I call for unity, we can resolve conflicts, overcome hatred and maintain common values, but we can only do it together.” H.E. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General to the United Nations

M1 also states, “PLEASE START PEACE AND STOP WWIII! This is the time for PEACE and for the military to protect the human rights, so that everyone on Earth can support the demonstration of highest diplomacy for PEACE. It is time to circle the Earth with Peace and abolish all forms of colonization of human value and dignity, through the banking system that has created slavery that must be ended. All forms of human conflicts must now be resolved and healed … We can start with stating that GOD IS ONE!”

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