M1 P1-11 global peace settlement solution!

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CIREBON, JAVA, Indonesia, December 20, 2017 – The world is currently in a state of disarray, upheaval and unrest, due to a history of corruption and deceit that is leading to WWIII, which will only add to the wrath of nature and the unimaginable suffering of the destruction of this global civilization. UN Swissindo’s King of Kings, Royal K.681, H.M. MR. A1.Sino.AS.S”2”.IR. Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.ST.M1 (aka M1) is offering the ONLY Solution in a proposal for reconciliation and resolution via a Global PEACE Settlement, to Stop WWIII and Start PEACE in Jerusalem, in light of the current conflict between Palestinians and Israelites.

M1 is presenting a PEACE settlement solution to the leaders of Palestine and Israel with a plea to recall the history dating back to the children of Abraham, to recognize the Holy City of Jerusalem as the birthplace and Home of three important world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. M1 states, “PLEASE START PEACE AND STOP WWIII! The recognition of the bond between the family’s historical roots will enable healing. It will be important to pursue this aspect of spiritual reconciliation, as it will have the power to bring world peace to all mankind. This is the time for PEACE and for the military to protect the human rights, so that everyone on Earth can support the demonstration of highest diplomacy for peace.”

He continued, “The recognition of West Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel also demands the recognition of East Jerusalem, as the capital city of Palestine and the recognition of a sovereign Palestinian country. And now, Israel must do everything possible to recognize East Jerusalem as the Palestinian’s Capital City and the two countries’ solution. This is only possible if Israel recognizes the sovereignty of the Palestinians…”

Other world leaders of Russia, USA and Czech Republic have also presented their perspectives for a peaceful outcome,

Russia’s Minister of Foreign affairs reaffirmed, “… their commitment to the Principles of the settlement of Palestine-Israel, which is recognized by the United Nations, which includes the status of East Jerusalem as the Capital City of a future Palestinian country. But, at the same time, we have to suggest that we are to think of West Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel.”

President Trump stated, “United States will support a two-State solution if both sides agreed. In the meantime, I ask all parties to maintain the status quo in the Holy places in Jerusalem, including the Mount Bait Suci, also known as the Haram al-Sharif. Our greatest hope is above all peace. The universal longing in every human soul.”

UN Swissindo’s President, M1 is the holder of all world assets and collateral Exhibits AB, through ownership including Microfilm 1 (M1), the “CAR” Certificate of the Country, guarantor of the guaranteed foreign exchange producing countries and legal payment standard of world currency printing license patent, the Parent of 25 Multinational Countries, Series 1-4 Wareld Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming (Landreform of Certificate International 1951 D505).

The UN-SWISSINDO Global Finance system is to escort the world’s ECOSOC Mission, as PEACE KEEPERS and to re-guarantee the global transaction system with the quota for both countries through the P1-11 Program, which includes Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC), and M1 VOUCHER, Guarantor of Guaranteed World Life basic Income as part of the Human Obligation, and Guarantor of Guaranteed New Foreign Exchange Producing Countries and Guaranteed License of Standard Legal Payment World Currency Printing for both Countries, as part of the Bullion Bank Transaction 2018.

The DBLC has been active since February 4, 2016, providing those who held debts, a credit of up to $2 billion Rupiah for each individual, or rough equivalent up to $150,000 US and credit up to $2 Billion US for each non-individual/corporation. The M1 Voucher, a bond that provides a lifetime basic income of $600 US monthly for students up to 17 years and $1200 US monthly, for every world citizen 17 years and over with a valid ID, is valid since August 17, 2017.

To this day there have been more than13,000,000 M1 Vouchers distributed around the globe, to Indonesia, Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, UK, Greece, Netherlands, South America, Central America, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Laos, Hong Kong, China the Philippines, and more…

In closing his PEACE Settlement Solution proposal, M1 declared, “Honourable President, Mahmoud Abbas, the World agrees it is time to circle the Earth with Peace and abolish all forms of colonization of human value and dignity, through the banking system that has created slavery that must be ended. All forms of human conflicts must now be resolved and healed. We can start with stating that GOD IS ONE.”

For any additional info, visit website www.wke-uns.info

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