Mahkamah Agung – M1 Joint Decree Letter

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For Immediate Release


CIREBON, JAVA, Indonesia, 29 June 2016 – An international organization based in Cirebon, West Java, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit has signed, sealed and delivered a Debt-Burden Liberation Certificate for all citizens of Indonesia and the World amounting up to Rp. 2 Billion (about USD 146K), with the Official signature of the Supreme Court declaring, “BANK INDONESIA AND 6 PRIME BANKS RELATED ARE RELEASED FROM THE SAME BURDEN OF EACH CITIZEN’S DEBT BURDEN AS PART OF THE PURIFYING THE UNIVERSE.”

On 24 June 2016, the Royal, K 681 H.M. MR. A1. SINO.AS.S”2”.IR .SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST.M1 also known as Mr. Sino AS received a special guest, Mr. Tukiminto, SH., Consumer Protection Division Officer representing the Government, and the Supreme Court of Indonesia, assigned to bridge communication between the Supreme Court of Indonesia and UN-Swissindo. An Official JOINT DECREE LETTER was signed by Prof. Dr. Haji Muhammad Hatta Ali, SH. MH., UN-Swissindo Consumer Protection, TUKIMlNTO, SH. and Mr. Sino AS, the Great President of the United Nations; holder and owner of Country Certificate of NKRI 17-8-1945, covering Lands Series 1-4 Wareld Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming-Landreform of International Certificate (Convanel UBS), declaring that:

UN-Swissindo’s Debt Burden Liberation Certificate, “is absolute truth, is legal and is effective as mutatis mutandis; and since the Debt Burden Liberation Certificate issued on Feb 4, 2016, the banks have no more right to collect payments or withdraw funds from debtors, because the legal relationship between debtors and banks by law have ended. The status of money charged / withdrawn is no longer considered as debt repayment money, therefore it is now illegal. The following is soon coming into force: M1-MASTER BOND VOUCHER in accordance with E-ID/SSN/PASSPORT as Account Number with Initial Balance of HUMAN OBLIGATION USD 600, and USD 1,200, valid for each month and UN-SWISSINDO COMPENSATION COMMITTEE (MILITARY-POLICE, UN/SWISSINDO/COUNTRY TOP INSTITUTIONS, etc.) USD 1,200,000 valid 1 time only, in Six (6) Prime Banks (BCA, BRI, BNI, MANDIRI, DANAMON, LIPPO BANK / CIMB-NIAGA) INDONESIA as Manual System Human Obligation payment system with coordinate PT. BANK MANDIRI TBK.”

The JOINT DECREE LETTER is now the LEGAL PROTECTION for ALL under the Highest Law nationally and internationally. It is an umbrella protection for all countries, their leaders, governments, banks and their valuable citizens.

Swissindo World Trust International Orbit Swissindo is an organization that was created by the Founding Fathers of the 25 Parent Countries in the World, in 1887, when Indonesia was still ruled by several Kingdoms.

Mr. Sino AS, explained that UN-Swissindo’s highest purpose is to create a secure, comfortable and prosperous world. This will be achieved by Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) and granting M1 Master Bond Voucher as basic income for all Indonesian citizens, as well as all citizens of the world. “My duty is to sort out the world administration.” The administration that was referred to was interrelated to debts, which have enslaved world citizens for centuries. Therefore, he said, in this case Swissindo will act as the third party, to connect those in debt with the loan providers or banks.

With the signing of this Joint Decree, it is imperative that the government and media immediately announce the historical news to free the people.

What is clear is that Mr. Sino AS aka M1 stated, the purpose of Debt Burden Liberation Certificate and the M1 Master Bond Voucher are to free ALL human beings. What’s more, this program is only part of UN-Swissindo’s Major Program – the completion of Payments 1-11, one of which is Human Obligation. UN-Swissindo believes, when everyone’s debt is relieved (DBLC) and their basic needs (M1-Voucher) are guaranteed, that means all human beings are equal and have value as God’s creatures, living into a future we all deserve … HEAVEN on EARTH.

Included in the agreement of Joint Decree Letter is also Corporations debt up to 2 Billion USD, Country and Bank Quotas valued at 138,990 Billion USD each and Patent License Agreement Authority will be given to all Countries accepting the Payment Order 1-11 for printing their new ESTWO currency, Gold backed.

Mahkamah Agung signed original and English translation