NEO UN-Swissindo TV Presents: The Peace Demo in South Sulawesi

La Ceni Kalean heading Peace Demo at the front yards of BI and OJK offices

By sopiyan sopiyan

Peace Demo is being staged today at BI office and OJK (Financial Service Authority). More or less 300 demo participants headed by Mr.La Ceni Kalean and Mrs Hadijah  marched from Swissindo Headquarters  to  Bank of Indonesia and OJK offices on Thursday 28th, 2016. The team was safeguarded by all police members who supported UN Swissindo Mission.

The demo started at 10:30 am local time and they started by circulating their letter of statement that say, inter alia, they urged the government of Indonesia (BI Governor) to explain to the people about DBLC documents issued by UN Swissindo. They also demand that BI officials be opened regarding Swissindo fund invested in 6 Prime banks and DBLC be announced to the people of Indonesia. The bank management responded and allowed the demo participants headed by La Ceni Kalean, Akmal and HarisBaginda to convey their aspiration and demand. The participants took turns speaking out conveying what they stated in their circulated letter of statement while urging the BI office for South Sulawesi to submit their demand to a higher level of BI office in Jakarta.
The head of BI office for South Sulawesi Mr. Moch. Dadi Ariyadi accompanied by Deputy Director Mr. Miyono questioned the status of UN Swissindo and its legality besides explaining the procedures of debt repayment in force.

“The money loaned to the people comes from the people themselves. And debt repayment method is set out in the loan agreement between Bank and Debtors. As regard to financial transactions is not BI’s capacity but OJK’s. It’s been recently did I know about Swissindo,” explained Dadi Ariyadi.
OJK is also urged that they be reponsible for the press release they made stating that DBLC is false and their having appealed to the society to be careful with Swissindo offering help to relieve the debt burden. OJK head office Mr. Bamang denied having made such statements. “I did not make those statements. The reporter misunderstood me,” Mr. Bambang said in front of the demo participants.

The peace demo ran peacefully at 10:30 am Indonesian Time and  was covered by Tribun Timur Newspaper, Metro TV, SCTV and others. It is highly expected that the coverage will be broadcast as soon as possible.