MAMOS Support Letter

Fundacion de Tradiciones Indoamericana de Colombia

Indo American Traditions Foundation of Colombia
Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia / South America)
Respected H.M. Royal K 681 King of Kings M1
Cirebon, West Java


On behalf of the indigenous peoples, settled thousands of years ago (for 18,000 years) in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia-South America; The Aruhaco people, the Koguis, the Kankuanos and the Wiwa, indigenous communities with autonomous governments, we send through our major Mamo Arwa Viku (Crispin Izquierdo), our most sincere, profound and infinite thanks to Indonesia the Lighthouse of the world, to SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT, its president, the Honorable ROYAL K.681H.M.A1.SINO.AS, S “2” .IR SOEGIHAPITONOTONEGORO.ST.M1. for his titanic and monumental contribution, for the benefit of the human race and the planet, that we need so much, for living since we are so close to a global hecatomb.

Thanks, honorable “Mahatma” word in Sanskrit that translates “Big Soul”. For offering us such a kind and generous gift through its formidable “VENUS project”, the debt release (DBLC), Payments 1-11 and the VOUCHER M1. Gifts that we accept and we wait with open arms and the heart swollen and throbbing of infinite joy and happiness. Royal K 681  KING OF KINGS M1, Is for us reason for transcendent joy, to communicate that the invitation that we already made, for the celebration of the ceremony of the prophecy of the eagle and the condor, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia-South America) , is ready for its realization or start-up. Indigenous Leaders of the 105 native peoples of Colombia, and representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Latin American continent, waits for His Majesty in this celebration to express our immense gratitude for the benefits offered to us.

Rest assured that you have our humble support for your great “VENUS project”, debt relief (DBLC), Payments 1-11 and voucher or VOUCHER M1.

Oh … Father SERANKWA (God) omnipotent, we reflect deeply on this great mission; so that humanity awakens from that great lethargy. We pray with our most fervent prayer.

Receive on behalf of women, children and indigenous people of our communities a strong, fraternal and loving hug and thousands of blessings for your great work.

Aka. Crispín Izquierdo
FINDOC Fundación de Tradiciones Indoamericanas de Colombia.