Support Letter From America Linggacala

Greetings Honorables,

My name is Tracy Envernizzi, I am the Acting Secretary General for America Linggacala. It is my honor to share a few words representing America Linggacala and many South America Negara Volunteers on behalf of The Honorable Royal K.681, King of Kings, Kholipatul Immam Mahdi Ratu Adil, His Majesty MR.A1.Sino.AS.S”2”.IR.Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.ST.M1 and his mission to see payments 1 to 11 become a reality that of The United Kingdom of God-Sky-Earth, Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, UN Swissindo & Relawan IDA.

As a delegation we have observed countless examples of a humble and selfless leader that possesses all the attributes of a most caring and loving leader. Honorable Bapak is a leader of strength, dedication and relentless determination. His perseverance, patience and great wisdom in dealing with obstacles and persecution have been an example that America Linggacala has gleaned from for years. His leadership has a way of naturally infecting those around him due to his divine character. We are all better people for knowing him and working with him on behalf of his mission.

We of America Linggacala see him work constantly on behalf of the mission which is to free the people from poverty and debt slavery bringing Heaven to Earth as the mission proclaims and is designed by authority to carry out. His mission is also believed by the Natives of South America to be the fulfillment of the Prophecy of The Eagle and The Condor.

America Linggacala and South America Negara volunteers are deeply in gratitude to Hon Bapak for taking on this great task to free the people and the countries of the world to live in peace together as sovereigns who respect each other’s beliefs and cultures to include preservation of all life and Mother Earth.

Thank You Honorable Bapak for being a YES to the Almighty Creator. We fully support you throughout ever phase of the mission and wherever it leads we are beside you in Spirit every step of the way.

In Your Honor and In Service to the Mission, With All Our Love, America Linggacala & South America Negara