Support Letter From Australia Linggacala

On behalf of Australia Linggacala we would like to extend our support
and thanks to Hon. Bapak, his Mission for World peace and Debt forgiveness.

War is awful, war is cruel,
For politicians, it’s a tool.
Sometimes views and ideas vary,
Doesn’t mean, hate we should carry.

Instead we choose peace and unity,
That focuses on community.
It will help so many lives,
Avoid tears, from countless wives.

War and peace two opposite sides,
Lessons learned, history provides.
UN SWISSINDO is the hope,
Future generations to understand the scope.

Without love the world would cease,
There could never be lasting peace.
For love on earth, we must be grateful,
We must stop being hateful.

Love involves being kind,
Keeping joy and peace in mind.
Whenever, it’s a challenging climb,
Love and peace, need some time.

For, love and peace, must unite,
If we hope, to win this fight.
Each of us, love must send,
For peace to prosper, and war to end.

Peace will make the world free,
Open our eyes, and help us see.
Wars and conflicts make people sad,
Hurting others is really bad.

Many kids live, through an awful war,
Their family ends up very poor.
During war, they often lose,
Sometimes even, their own shoes.

Let’s speak up and tell a friend,
All these wars, need to end.
Peace begins when we care,
Let’s make this world, truly fair.

When wars and conflicts totally cease,
In our world, there shall be peace.
People must learn to get along,
Not blame others, for being wrong.

They fight for control, fight for land,
Some just need a helping hand.
We must rid ourselves of vanity,
And embrace peace, through humanity.

Wars make children so much tougher,
Lose their innocence, while they suffer.
We should fight for peace instead,
Love not war, we should spread.

Inner peace; we wish to attain,
Peace of mind, one shall gain.
Spiritually and Mentally,
Won’t be achieved accidentally.

Conscious enlightenment, our ultimate goal,
Living life to the fullest; being whole.
Hon Bapak’s Knowledge shall help us understand,
That inner peace is truly grand.

The beauty of it, is the lack of stress,
Bliss and happiness, we shall possess.
One must know, Gods law quite well,
To attain a healthy internal shell.

Debt Forgiveness brings greater freedom that we crave,
From great stress, it shall save.
One main thing, it does assure,
We’ll feel at ease, Debt free and secure.

IDA education brings freedom and joy,
It is a sacred gift, not a toy.
Rooted deeply in respect,
Justice is something we must protect.

Freedom and Peace brings us tranquility,
Along with much needed – stability.
Sense of quiet, and goodwill,
Peace is serene and very still.

When there’s harmony, there is peace,
Joy on earth does increase.
For peace to grow in our community,
The first step is social unity.

We all know that healthy relations,
Are the keys to peaceful nations.
War and conflicts, we must avoid,
So that beauty of life, may be enjoyed.

We just need to open our hearts,
That’s where peace clearly starts.
It’s not that difficult to embrace and find,
With a caring and open mind.

Let us visualise Hon Bapaks freedom
so we may all return to the Garden of Eden
he says I’m sorry on behalf of us all
so we can all have a windfall

Something about him that we truly admire
Words from his mouth that often inspire.
He’s a combination of special and rare,
So many talents, with the world he can share.

Wherever he goes, whatever he seeks,
we know he will conquer, no matter the peak.

So Let us appeal
to the justice they conceal.
Let us stand for Truth, Justice and freedom.
and the return of the Garden of Eden.

Thank you Hon Bapak
your efforts are not in vain.


– H.E. Denes Kollar