Support Letter From Europe Linggacala

Greetings Honorables,
my name is Annette Ifftner, Acting Secretary General Europe Linggacala.

We have this gathering here today to support Hon. Bapak and our mission. I am so proud to be part of this wonderful mission, Thank you Honorable Bapak.

I would like to focus on what Hon. Bapak has built up for us over the past few years and what opportunities he offers us here. I am always impressed at my work when I see what he has already done for us.

Thanks to the structure, developed by him for all of us – for Kailasa and for our five Linggacalas, and look around – we all are here – Honorables from five different Linggacalas. What a great joy it is to see that we all come together here from our different cultures and religions and we all have one goal – to bring peace on earth and for the benefit of all people in the world through the payments 1-11.

Humanity longs for world peace, preservation of cultures, and social justice. We are pursuing all these goals together, and that is the success of Hon. Bapak. Without him that would not be possible. So let us pursue our goals together and hopefully we will have Hon. Bapak back home soon.

All my blessings and gratitude from Europe Linggacala

Annette G. Ifftner
Acting Secretary General Europe Linggacala