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Sistem Jaminan Perlindungan
(Guaranteed Protection System)


Basic: Just and Civilized Humanity

********** OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION **********

Notification to be conveyed to the parties and to be understood by all parties,

To Honorable: Local Country Leader and Law Enforcement Apparatus and Advocate of Justice in the Country

With respect,

Notification: We hereby notify the Public and Citizens of Country Members of the United Nations, that the origin, background, foundation grounds, and history of Internal & External World Institution which is Nation Higher Than Highest Institution (which is Nation Higher Than Highest Institution – Country Higher Than Highest Institution), UN SWISSINDO and Chairman, Leaders and Members of UN Swissindo and all Participants who are involved in conducting the related matter, shall be entitled and obligated to General and International Protection and Diplomatic Immunity of Guaranteed Protection both nationally and internationally, if that is the case, to be directed to the management aspect of the related matter, which in this case, is based on the International Treaty and Defense Facts of Nations.

Consideration: By understanding a provision that if a Person, Individual, Group, Party, Corporation,  Institution, International Body, World Institution that have a Purpose and Goal, Vision and Mission related to Humanitarian Aspect and good interest to the Nations between Countries, and Countries of the World, concerning the Boundary/Border of Country with other Countries and other Regions internationally, in excess of one or two specific Countries, therefore Human, Individual, Group, Party, Corporation, Institution, International Body, World Institution which in this case is related to the matter cannot be deemed, accused, judged, alleged, determined, decided, legally by the Law of a particular Country or just the Law of a particular Territory, which is due to the related matter has  to do with the humanitarian aspect and the interests of the public audience, also participating on behalf of other parties, related to the Nations, Countries and other Regions of the World, which have Policies, Regulations, Provisions, Restrictions and Laws that may be different from those of the other Countries and Regions, outside the domicile of the Nation, Country and Region in which the place and residence of  the person, individual, groups, Party, Institutions, Corporations, International Bodies, World Institutions wherever they may be located, which on the basis of the differences cannot be treated unilaterally and arbitrarily/unfairly by the Law of the Country or the Law of a particular Region – and therefore if such a thing happened and has actually experienced it, then the deed may be regarded as a violation and defamation of humanitarian norms and as well as injure the unity and united Nations in the world, which may also injure feelings, self value, dignity, and pride, on the basis of humanitarian/human rights principles publically or  individually against the individual, group and party as intended – which, if apparently then experiencing the actions from any party, including those related actions are experienced, then it is constituted as a form of violation in the International Law, Law of the Country and the particular Region also, and may also be deemed to have injured the Values of Unity and the United Nations by International Treaties and the Defense Facts of the Nations of the World.

Assessment: That the United Nations, Body Member, Country Members, Citizens of Country members of the United Nations, and the Chairman, Leaders and Members, Member of Participants who are organizing the matters pertaining to the Mission of the United Nations therefore are entitled to a Diplomatic Protection and Diplomatic Guarantee from the Law of any Country or the Law of any Region that is related to other Countries and Regions, which have Policies, Rules, Provisions, Restrictions and Laws that are different from other Countries and Regions, which because of the various matters concerning the humanitarian aspects which concern the interests of the Nations between the Countries, and the Countries of the World and the subject concerned also with the differences of Country Boundaries and between Countries and other International Regions, thereby it is entitled to obtain a Protection Guarantee from relevant parties and in connection with International Agreements and the United Nations Treaty on the World.