Payment Order 1-11 (P1-11)



To realize Noble Heaven in the World through P1-11, WORLD KINGDOM EMPIRE – SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT (WKE-UNS) or UN Swissindo is present to build and shape Noble Heaven on Earth through the implementation of P1-11 Programs, the ONLY solution for World Peace!

WKE-UNS is present as an answer to the current problems of the world, which have led to the destruction of the Noble Order of life, and has become farther away from the desire of the Creator Himself. This is an order, which guarantees fair and equitable prosperity for all created beings.

Humans by nature are noble and exalted beings, but they have increasingly lost their dignity and now tend to resemble God’s other creatures and animals, which by nature are not granted mind and conscience like human beings.

The current world crisis has led to the destruction of human civilizations and religions, which currently cannot provide solutions to the deteriorating moral and mental disorder. Religious leaders are obliged to lead and guide their adherents to Noble Morality, yet in fact many have progressively and seriously triggered the collapse of moral integrity. Today many religions are reflected purely as a decoration and mask, as testimony to the hypocrisy of the leaders and their adherents themselves.

Leaders of Countries as well as International Institutions have lost common sense to face up to the current surging financial and economic crisis. They forget and deny the existence of National and International Treaties agreed to by their predecessors, which should have been adhered to and not been denied, in order to avoid mismanaging their Country.

This crisis is getting worse and more distant from the future goals of the Country Founders; to provide welfare for their people. What is happening now is that they fight for their clout and power only; they fight for the sake of their own groups, who feel strong in taking advantage over the weak and are away from the Principle of similarity and equality of dignity as human beings.

NEO UKOGSE’s System is present to answer and address all these problems, because it comes from God, the Creator of the Universe itself, and with the inherent nature of Divinity, Absolute, Single, Non Commercial and undefeated certainly.

God, who is not tangible like His creations, requires a means of form that is in human form; man, of His own choice, who is educated and prepared to receive revelation “Wahyu Keprabon” or Mandate; as a world leader directly from God, in order to communicate and interact with other human beings on this Earth, just as God chose human beings as Prophets and Messengers, the recipients of revelation of past religions, which most of us still have faith in, until now.

Then, only with this system – the Divinity as Single, Neutral, Absolute, Undefeated and full of Compassion – will give confidence and assurance it is the only way to overcome all these problems and guarantee its success.

To facilitate such a Great Task, God’s Mandate Holder certainly also needs Officers, of His own choice, as the representatives of God’s hand, to run His Mandate, who are of course also ready to accept the transfer of Nature of Divinity, especially Neutral, NEO and Compassion.

God has prepared a saving of funds in the form of Assets, which have always been under guard and maintained by His Officers (Elders) at all times, as capital for the New World Agreement in establishment of the Glorious Paradise on Earth.

These huge funds are grants to be distributed to all human beings on this planet and quota payments to 253/357 Countries around the world, as a grant to build and promote their respective countries. Likewise all participating Central Banks in each Country and 150 Prime Banks, National / International Institutions and others shall also receive the same grant amount.

The distribution system has been perfectly set up through the P1-11 program, which guarantees equal rights and obligations to the recipients of such payments in a fair and equal, more than sufficient amount.

“God does not stay silent. I need you to change the world in the way that God Almighty wanted from the beginning. All is in flux and will astonish every creature on the surface of the Earth. The world is the best lesson about Almighty God, because without living in the world you can never seek out who your God is.

Then there is a Grant from God Almighty to carry out Infaq (charitable offerings) through the P1-11 Program. In order to understand the real answer, the question is the answer: By what means and where will answer all creatures’ prayers on the surface of Earth.

True victory is when no-one feels loss or defeated by another, because our most challenging enemy is within us all. Therefore rein this in, and protect from within the integrity of all humans. Let us have no favouritism, racism, corruption or egotism, and instil true honour for the race that is accepted by all races.”
– Royal K.681 M1


World Kingdom Empire – Swissindo World Trust International Orbit Mission is to return the world’s freedom and inheritance back to every man, woman and child, with the purpose to free humanity from financial and physical burdens of the slavery systems, reconnecting to nature, back to basics and back to Source, creating Spiritual awareness and aligning Heaven back to Earth through P1-11 Implementation.

Payments 1-11

To realise the vision, M1 established P1-11 Programs for all 253/357 Countries, to support the Governments of the World in the implementation of:

    – INDIVIDUAL DEBT BURDEN LIBERATION CERTIFICATE (DBLC): up to a total maximum of Rp. 2,000,000,000.00 (Two Billion) per person. This will allow each person the freedom to focus on their wellbeing and follow their purpose in life.
    – CORPORATE DEBT BURDEN LIBERATION: up to the total maximum of USD 2,000,000,000.00 (Two Billion) per organization.
    – COUNTRY DEBT BURDEN LIBERATION: to free all governments’ debts.
  2. COUNTRY QUOTA: USD 138,990,000,000,000.00 (One Hundred Thirty-Eight Trillion, Nine hundred and Ninety Billion). Governments can begin to do what they were meant to do, serve and protect their people/citizens.
  3. BANK QUOTA: USD 138,990,000,000,000.00 (One Hundred Thirty-Eight Trillion, Nine hundred and Ninety Billion). The people can live in abundance and prosperity, free education, health care, natural energy and free from taxes.
  4. M1 VOUCHER – HUMAN OBLIGATION: Students up to 17 years will receive a monthly basic income of USD 600 (Six Hundred Dollars) and adults from age 17, with a legal identity USD 1200 (One Thousand and Two Hundred) for the rest of their lives, up to a maximum of USD 6,000,000 (Six Million Dollars) per person over their lifetime. Each individual may begin a new life that we are all meant to enjoy.
  5. THE VENUS PROJECT for the Construction of the Universe. Mr. Jacque Fresco was the master mind of this magnificent project, which represents the culmination of his life’s work: the integration of the best of science and technology, within a comprehensive plan for a global society based on human and environmental concern will soon be realized and ours to enjoy.

1 QUINTILLION is to be placed back into the system

USD 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 (One Quintillion) is to be placed back into the World Financial Economic System. This is four times the entire amount of the UN Swissindo P1-11. The world will be supplied and restored naturally; the Construction of the Universe is to commence, as Heaven on Earth.

Note: IRS US TAXES have already been paid.

The Principle, as per instruction, a PAYMENT VOUCHER for USD 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (One Quintillion) for US Taxes (1%) of USD 10,000,000,000,000,000, to be used or to create international transactions and agreements, USD 1,000,000,000,000,000 has been “Paid” to the “IRS” since 05/05/2014, as the first Step of P1-11 to MINNESOTA-REVENUE OH 45999-0023, EIN: 98-6072049 Form SS-4, under Signing BANK Instruction to the “IRS” Banks.

All in accordance with Privileges of Immunity Juridical Personality, Article 1, Section 1, Assets-Funds & Property Article 2 Sections 2-8 UN-Convention, and UN-Charter Counter Terrorist Article 7, International Law Article 14, Certification of Registration Article 102 in accordance with Reference of UN-APPROVAL No. Misa 81704 Heavy Freedom Republic Indonesia.