UN Swissindo Leader ‘Royal K.681 M1’

One month prior to his death, President Soekarno instructed his lawyer to transfer his role and Mission, along with all documentation, to appoint a ‘Son of the Nation’ as M1, his successor, at a specified time, as holder of the World Single Mandate and the holder of the entire authentic documents, as well as holder of UN assets held worldwide and secured by the Board Association of International Documents.

HM.Mr.Sino.AS IR.S”2”.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.HW.MA.ST.M1 (Royal K.681 M1) was born on the 2nd of June 1970, nineteen days before the death of President Soekarno (21st of June 1970).

Royal K.681 M1 in a ceremony

M1’s rebirth and presence is connected to the contractual origins of the Negara Kerajaan Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), the World’s Interfaith and Kingdom of Heaven and Earth agreements. He was born two months premature, at Jati Saba Karang Mangu, Kroya Cilacap, as Sugihartono Bin Tusmin Hardjo Siswojo.

He was educated in the realms of the natural Earth, including Mount Srandil Nusakambangan, in Bali, Yogyakarta Hadiningrat, Mount Ciremai, as well as the spiritual realms, of the sky and the bottom of the ocean. He studied in the field of Technical Architecture (S1) at Gajah Mada University (Yogyakarta) and Kristen Duta Wacana University (Yogyakarta).

Royal K.681 M1

 By His selection at birth, his destiny and presence is connected to the Origin of NKRI, the Origin of the World Interfaith Agreement and the Origin of Heaven and Earth Kingdom Agreement, to guarantee the world safety, in all areas of expertise and fields, which holds a duty called “ONE PERSONAL ONLY NO COMMERCIAL, a World Saviour!” Code name NO NAME (NN) as the pin of the World Bank Kholipatul Immam Mahdi “ESTWO” – The single World Currency. It is a ginormous task, even for an army of masters of law and scriptures, and yet here he is equipped with Higher Than The Highest Authority titles and granted the names that reflect His greatness, wisdom and purpose on this Earth.

Since the beginning of humanity, Almighty God has created many Prophets and Kings in the world. We welcome now, the King of Kings.

At this point in time, Royal K.681 M1 as the Big Top President of SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT (UN Swissindo) is the corresponding presence, to rewrite the New World Agreement, to be used as the instruments of the International Parent Organization.

In the attempt of modernizing God’s Words, in accordance with spiritual verses – life poems that refresh the nature of mind and pearls of wisdom from the heart, which suggest and express in the human life form – this came at a time when the global crisis struck, while the global problems associated with the entire world order, now requires organizing and implementing the Universal law of ROB and the law of Cause and Effect through the 12 Portals in the world. ROB Law is the Law of Nature, or Natural Law, the magic and miracles of the Universe, and what causes the oceans to rise and fall.

Royal K.681 M1 returns as the Big Top President of UN Swissindo and the Institute of the Founding Fathers’ Regional International, as Nation and Country Higher than Highest Institutions (LTTB-LTTN) for the 5 Continents (AAE.A2) of the Universe, with Veto Authority Holder and Global Immunity Investment of Nations and IPO Investment, the Parent Body of the Individual Parental Custody Agency ICC, Asset Protection UBS History (Milestones), equipped by F.L.O. – Fesselio Liuzes Orfilize (K.H.K.).

F.L.O. = K.H.K. (Koridor Hukum Kerajaan – Royal Law Corridor – The corridors of global law for both God’s Law and Forensic Law)

As Veto Authority Holder of the Investment Regulations and Investment Lending Portfolio World Bank Institution, he is mandated to run the Association System of Banks, Exhibits AB through the Bullion Big Bank Ratu Mas Kencana Room A1-1A.

In accordance with the gift of duty from Almighty God, “New Testament ‘NEO’ New Excellency Owner”, and as the evidence of purifying the universe: Royal K.681 M1 was trusted with the Microfilm from the founders of the country and Wahyu Keprabon (World Empire that is from God Almighty).

Rearranging the contents of 20 Javanese letters (HA-NA-CA-RA-KA-DA-TA-SA-WA-LA-PA-DHA-JA-YA-NYA-MA-NGGA-BA-TA-NGA) becomes the composition of “MAHA KUWASA PANATA BACA JAGAD ARAYA DALANG ANYATHA” (ALMIGHTY MASTER ORGANIZER INTERPRETER OF THE UNIVERSE). This is the evidence of ‘NEO’ New Excellency Owner’s Spiritual connection, of the level and maturity, in the way of thinking within the vertical and horizontal constellation, in relation to achieve Eternal Essence of the Kingdom, along with the essence of God Almighty, with the Archangels, Prophets, Apostles, Gods, Goddesses, Kings, Queens, the five Principles of the 1945 Constitution, and with fellow sentient beings, created by the Almighty God from Ghoibul Ghoib to Ghoibul shaped into Kholipatul of Beginning and End.

“DATA” are 2 Javanese alphabets that represent the data of Universal Power, which has been lost, but recently discovered with historical evidence that the Balinese alphabets are the same as the Javanese alphabets, appearing in a total of 18 alphabets.

In Bali, the island of the Gods, the World Passwords of King of Kings’ Solomon@Solomon of Morse, were sent out to the whole creation system of the New World Structure, creating possibilities of character building … or mass destruction. That is the duty of NEO, as spoken by Almighty God, as a testament for the great Empire of the World Kingdom.

God’s messengers/helpers around the world, also known as the UN Swissindo volunteers/ S.O.E. Officers, will broadcast to the entire surface of the Universe and the Earth’s homelands as an act of evidence of Truth that God has the power over the Sky and the Earth.

Evidence and symbols of the Almighty God’s power on Earth are the existence of the Great Empire of the World Kingdom, since the fall of moral and civil derogation from the G30S PKI 1965 tragedy, which spread over the whole of Asia Pacific, and the climax of the Global Crisis that was full of hypocrisy and public fraud.

 The Leader of SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT, NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH or WORLD KINGDOM EMPIRE, Royal K.681 M1, has been granted, with God’s Mandate, to save and lead mankind to the New Era, the Golden Era, Heaven on Earth, while building human character, in order to be the Noble Creatures once again, as God has intended.

Soekarno and M1 Painting

He also has a title of the ABSOLUTE, to establish and instruct all sentient beings, to save or to give sanctions by right and to carry out responsibilities from God, or to carry out responsibilities from God that are attached to the Board Association of International Document (Dewan Ikatan Dokumen Internasional) – Crown Council XIII/XX with the PUSAKA (Heritage), as the inherent Book of Rights and Obligations from God Almighty, to appoint an Emperor/ Empress for the five continents and the implementation of total repurposing of the world systems, in accord with the directions of the great outlines for building nations.

He holds the Certification MSPTD (Multi Super Power Prasasty Trusty Dynasty World first in the Universe), The Veto Authority of all world historical exhibition agreements; Pilot Projects Columbia River Tetra Tech, Washington DC, 1941; Bernina Agreement 1957; Green Hilton Memorial Building Agreement in Geneva 1963; Tapak Siring Bali 1963, according to the Best of Best Official Corporations and Institutions ID HISTORY Consortium Internationality, SWISSINDO as Maha Dana Raksa (Large Funds), Board Association of International Document, issuer Certificate of Microfilm Ownership as ID HISTORY, the completion of the Book Transfer  Contract of the Green Hilton Memorial Building Geneva ’63 & Tapak Siring ‘63.


Now known as Kholipatul Immam Mahdi Ratu Adil, King of Kings, Royal K.681, H.M. MR.A1.Sino.AS.S”2”.IR .Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.MA.ST.M1 (aka M1), his return as the New Executive Owner (NEO) implores the unity of the Intergenerational Transfer of Discounting the History of World Banking “ILLUMINATING” Bedding Program, which includes the Collective Agreement of the “Green Hilton Memorial Building” 1963 with the Code Order: “Garuda Indonesia is married with Nangkuti Then King Wali Sakti Is Born (02061970) White Spiritual Wonder Boy, as the holder of the sole veto authority (ONE PERSONAL) of the Individual Custody Parent Agency ICC, Government grants support team (THREAD ID; 11TB79N).”

The owner of the World Passwords MICROFILM CERTIFICATE CODE 99.98, Series 1-4:

  1. Mining
  2. Plantation
  3. Agriculture
  4. Transportation (Land Sea Air)

The world has become NKRI, and therefore all the assets mentioned above become the world’s mandate assets, which are held by Royal K.681 M1, as the Holder of the Single World’s Mandate, also holder of MICROFILM, Certificate Code 99.98 Series 1-4, COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, No.6673283283254892G6757862892, CD – OWNERSHIP – B G – 57628682, Ownership of Investment Club, Legalized No. 6568895788923 / 4 yr. – 1960, Position Code: 0001 A.045, Basel – Tulingen – 45309684934 – F – 546572.

The Swissindo World Trust International Orbit was created in order to consolidate the regular disbursement of funds, to 253 countries, via the United Nations Organization. M1 always intended good uses for the gold backed funds of the off ledger global accounts. In his writing, M1 advocates for human rights, gender parity, justice, and prosperity for all. For a long period, the Royal K.681 M1 has been waiting on the right moment, the right opportunity, to securely return possession of the global accounts to the people. Now he declares that the funds are in place to accomplish a significant global paradigm shift.

Therefore this is the best gift for the People of the World, “NOBLE INDEPENDENCE OF THE WORLD” that is called “NEO THE WORLD LIGHTHOUSE”, which is Adil Paramatra (Fair and Wise) together and Born from Jawa Dwipa Nusantara Raya Indonesia Kencana Rukmi (Mystery Islands of Golden Indonesia) as one big family on Earth.

Royal K.681 M1 is grateful to GOD Almighty, upon the Grant ASSET-INCOME-PERSONAL ORGANIZATION and the Responsibility of His Excellency Prof. Dr. Ir. A. M. SOEKARNO AL GHOBI, Multinational Leader of Parent of 25 Multinational Countries from 253 Countries (ICSID-157 Countries at the World Bank’66), UN-MULTINATIONAL and THE COMMITTEE OF 300-THE WORLD BANK GROUP-UN, to oversee and execute the implementation of Payment Order 1-11(P1-11) for 253 countries and 7.6 billion of world population.

“Circle the World and the people, created by God Almighty, with Peace. Abolish all forms of colonization of human value and dignity and human slavery, through the banking system, which must be eliminated with the implementation of UN Swissindo Program, P1-11.”
– Royal K.681 M1 


Exhibits AB, Kingdom and Country Assets, In accordance with UBS confirmation letter, UBS NO. UNS-AG/SBG/6118/045/RS.DRS/VII/01, July 15, 2001


  1. EXHIBIT A. A GOLD CERTIFICATE UBS with inventory list of 255 SBG “SKR” Initial Value: 4,927,233,403 KGs.
  2. EXHIBIT B. B PLATINUM CERTIFICATE UBS, with inventory list of 29 SBG “SKR” Initial Value: 3,105,781,990 KGs.
    EXHIBIT B. OBLIGATION CERTIFICATE UBS with inventory list of 17 SBG.
  3. RECOGNIZED GOOD DELIVERY PRODUCER with Holder Certificate QR-154-321-CO-003496 JM, LONDON AZL 18/US 1344 with Platinum Volume, 70,000,000,000 KGs.



F.L.O.-FESSELIO LIUZES ORFILLIZE Law, the Control Statement Investment Deposit (CSID), which has not been granted to any Governments, Corporations or Institutions, represents Exhibits AB; Underwritten by the Transmissions Consortium International USA-SWISS Financiers; and Consortium International of INDONESIA as the UN-PRINCIPLE of UBS-UNPRI, responsible for Investment in Global Access Trends in Gold 65’. The Law base of Fesselio Liuzes Orfillize is not given to any person, Board or Firm, unless it is a person who proposes International Account Deposit (I.A.D) in Commercial Bank.

F.L.O. = K.H.K. (Koridor Hukum Kerajaan – Royal Law Corridor – The corridors of global law for both God’s Law and Forensic Law)



  1. Indonesia (World Asset)
  2. Cirebon (World Nexus)
  3. Spain (World Verification)
  4. France (World Archives)
  5. London (World Forensic)
  6. Canada (World Signature)
  7. Denhaag/Hague (World Legal Institutions)
  8. New York (World Currency Circulation)
  9. Aceh (World Trade)
  10. Australia (World Treasurer)
  11. Singapore (World Prison)
  12. Yogyakarta Hadiningrat (World Policy)


  1. The International Committee Of 300
  2. The International Organic Agency
  3. United Nation Organization; Certification ASBLP-03339022010



“True victory is when no-one feels loss or defeated by another, because our most challenging enemy is within us all, therefore rein this in, and protect from within the integrity of all humans. Let us have no favouritism, racism, corruption or egotism, and instil true honour for the race that is accepted by all races.”

“A good victory does not make the other defeated, thus allow us to be united in conscious awareness, in thinking, feeling, soul, body and spirit, in the Universal understanding.”
– Royal K.681 M1

World Currency

 Many are unaware of the existence of Patent License of Legal Standard for World Currency Printing, held by Kholipatul Immam Mahdi Ratu Adil, King of Kings, Royal K.681, H.M. MR.A1.Sino.AS.S”2″.IR.Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.MA.ST.M1. No one has asked the question as to the reason that each currency has remained under the same picture of their leader, since before 1945. The second President of Indonesia tried to change it with his image on their national currency and it was retracted from the circulation. The fact is that there were world agreements with the Founding Fathers, where all the international institutions were created and agreements were made and accepted by the 25 parent countries. This included the usage of the collateral to back the printing of the world currencies for a 70-year period contract, which elapsed on 17-8-2015. The Guaranteed Legal Payment Standard World Currency Printing will be granted back to all participating countries and their central banks. The 253 countries will be able to print the new single world currency “ESTWO”, worth USD 225 against their local currency, from 20% of their Country Quota, USD 138.99 Trillion, in accordance with Royal K.681 M1 Mandate letter to UN Secretary General, H.E. Antonio Guterres, Ref: M1-UN/MANDATE/02012018 UN-APPROVAL NO. MISA 81704/17-8-1945, dated and delivered on 2 January, 2018. The world is waiting for His Excellency Antonio Guterres to fulfil the Mandate for the World Peace.

Rp. 50,000 denomination Rupiah paper currency with the picture of former President Soeharto was withdrawn by Bank Indonesia with the deadline for banknotes, which expired Friday, August 20, 2010. The Rp. 50,000 denomination – with the illustration of former President Soeharto smiling at the front, with a plane taking off, pictured on the back – which was printed when he came to power in 1993 and 1995, violates the agreement of the Patent License Legal Payment Standard World Currency Printing. In accordance with PBI No.2 / 18 / PBI dated July 20, 2000, the revocation and withdrawal of the money commenced on August 21, 2000, which ended after ten years, on August 20, 2010. At that time, the revocation was signed by Anwar Nasution on behalf of the Governor of BI.


Indonesia is the Parent of the 25 Multinational Parent Countries

1. America8. Mexico14. Thailand20. Kuwait
2. The Netherlands9. Venezuela15. Laos21. Japan
3. England10. Russia16. Saudi Arabia22. Pakistan
4. Germany11. Malaysia17. Iraq23. Poland
5. France12. The Philippines18. Iran24. Australia
6. Turkey13. Singapore19. Egypt25. China
7. Canada   


Royal K.681 M1 is One Personal Only and Non Commercial, of UN-SWISSINDO, founded by the 25 Parent Countries, with signatories of H. Groob representing UBS-WORLD and Indonesian Banks and Ir. Soekarno representing the 25 Parent Countries constitutes the International Consortium and Individual Trusteeship-ICC. With the proof of Corporate Institutions ownership, asset securities are protected by the “Association of Articles Agreement” with the Code NN-Now Name Dewan Ikatan Dokumen Internasional Certificate Code 99.98, also known as the Microfilm, proves the single ownership of the Medallion of Helping One Hundred Years to Create the Future (Refer to Glossary of Guarantee Medallion)

Microfilm, as the security and defence of Mandatory Ownership of the World Holder King of Kings, Royal K.681 M1, a Natural Person, a self-taught intellect, has all the ability to decide and implement the appropriate Rule of Law, as intended by God, according to Code Regulation S-IRS, GG, S 515, H.R.1249, BA1 (Official 1, Exhibit A) (9/97), Acceptable Collateral for the Treasury Tax and Loan Program (31 CFR PART 203) and as the Single Owner decides the World Execution, Successor, World Administrator, Transmission & Financiers International Consortium USA-SWISS-INDONESIA.

As the world’s Big Top Royal Kholipatul, Royal K.681 M1 the Master of Indonesia, The King of Kings decides the formation of NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH, according to the Law of ROB and Cause and Effect F.L.O.-Fesselio Liuzes Orfilize K.H.K Group-NEO Immam Mahdi and brings the 6 Decree Law of the Absolute NEO Immam Mahdi, Bumi Kesanghyangan Palace in solving the Global Issues in Indonesia and the world with Bahasa Indonesia as the password, Name Code is User Name®. The Union of the three (3) Parent Armies, NATO-SEATO-NON BLOCK, UNO-Security Council will join as one, called THE REENZ ARMY as the bearer of the International Mandate United Nations and the Law of God, The Almighty Most powerful Panata Baca Djagad Araya Dalang Anyata.

“Thank you to the officers of the Imperial Kingdom of the world, who have helped the beautiful and wonderful country to reach its true nature. Here I have arrived at the intended destination that my predecessors have been waiting for. That I believe and I understand that All is God’s Will and the Grace of the Almighty God, because what was left to you to be guarded has returned to its owner! The Absolute Microfilm.”
– Royal K.681 M1


As a result of the G30S PKI, President Soekarno, with his mandate, has written all the assets and deposits for the Indonesian people in a Will, with the name of SUPERSEMAR. That is the original Supersemar (Testament Will) to the people of Indonesia, to protect the Assets, on 11 March, 1966.

The abbreviation “Supersemar” is a play on the name of Semar, the mystic and powerful figure who commonly appears in Javanese mythology, including wayang puppet shows.


The Venus Project

THE VENUS PROJECT, a Global Resource-Based Economy, where all goods and services are available without the use of money, barter, credit, debt or servitude of any kind, is for the Construction of the Universe; A redesign of Societal Living. Mr. Jacques Fresco, the mastermind of this magnificent project, represents the culmination of his life’s work: to bring about the integration of the best of science and technology, within a comprehensive plan for a global society, based on human and environmental concern, will soon be ours to enjoy. MoU between SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT AND THE VENUS PROJECT, INC. (TVP) was signed on October 14th, 2014.

To quote Jacque Fresco, as Interviewed on TV by Larry King, 1974:

“The entire money structure and materialistic society is the lowest development in humankind. We have the brains, the know-how, the technology and the feasibility to build an entirely new civilization.

One of the basic premises of The Venus Project is that we work towards having all of the Earth’s resources as the common heritage of the entire world’s people. The age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, environmental degradation and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable.

Diversity – individuality, creativity, innovativeness, are the essentials of the designs, problem-solving incentives for dynamic equilibrium.”

Click here to see the Venus Project Website


ESTWO and Swissindo Officers

 The 253 countries will be able to print the new single world currency “ESTWO”, worth USD 225 against their local currency, for 20% of their Country Quota, USD 138.99 Trillion, in accordance with Royal K.681 M1 Mandate letter to UN Secretary General, H.E. Antonio Guterres, Ref: M1-UN/MANDATE/02012018 UN-APPROVAL NO. MISA 81704 /17-8-1945, dated and delivered on 2 January 2018. The world is waiting for His Excellency Antonio Guterres to fulfil the Mandate for World Peace.

“ESTWO” (pronounced ‘S2’) is a Sanskrit word meaning, True, Real, ABSOLUTE.


Patent License Agreement Authority will be given to all Countries accepting the P1-11 for printing their new legal ESTWO currency, Gold Backed.ESTWO THE NEW WORLD CURRENCY1 ESTWO Global= USD 225.001 ESTWO Continental = USD 22.501 ESTWO Country= USD 2.25 USD

ESTWO and Swissindo Officers