Current Progress of UN Swissindo

THE 12 PORTALS As part of the Historical Legal Background, the truth, which has been near since the last 2 decades and 30 years ago, is revealing itself. One important and significant event that has been documented in a certification called the 12 Portals, announced the transfer of authority over the “Certification-ASBLP 0333902-2010”, in accordance with the … Read moreCurrent Progress of UN Swissindo

UN Swissindo Leader ‘Royal K.681 M1’

One month prior to his death, President Soekarno instructed his lawyer to transfer his role and Mission, along with all documentation, to appoint a ‘Son of the Nation’ as M1, his successor, at a specified time, as holder of the World Single Mandate and the holder of the entire authentic documents, as well as holder of UN … Read moreUN Swissindo Leader ‘Royal K.681 M1’

Introduction to UN Swissindo

What is Swissindo? When and Who Founded Swissindo? On October 16th, 2016 WORLD KINGDOM EMPIRE – SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT – NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH OR WORLD KINGDOM EMPIRE, known as UN Swissindo and Kholipatul Immam Mahdi Ratu Adil, King of Kings Royal K.681, H.M. MR.A1.Sino.AS.S”2”.IR .Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.MA.ST.M1, aka Royal K.681 M1, holder of … Read moreIntroduction to UN Swissindo