Why The United Nations Has No President

This Is Why UN Swissindo Exists!

“Kenapa PBB punya Sec Gen tapi tidak punya Presiden? Itu kenapa ada UN Swissindo!” Royal K.681 M1

“Why does the UN have a Sec. Gen. but no President? That is why UN Swissindo exists!” Royal K.681 M1

United Nations Logo

United Nations was registered in Batavia, now Jakarta, Indonesia 17th August, 1945.

The name “United Nations”, coined by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was first used in the Declaration of United Nations on 1st January 1942, during the Second World War, when representatives of 26 nations pledged their Governments to continue fighting together against the Axis Powers.

The Charter of the United Nations was signed on the June 26, 1945 by 50 countries in San Francisco, California, at the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International Organization. Poland was unable to send a representative to the conference due to political instability, so signed the Charter on October 15, 1945. The Charter stated that before it could come into effect, it must be ratified by the Governments of the Republic of China, France, the USSR, the United Kingdom, the United States and by a majority of the other 46 signatories. This occurred on October 24, 1945 and the United Nations was officially formed. The Statute of the International Court of Justice is an integral part of the Charter.

Soekarno addresses UN Congress 1956

In December 1945, the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, by unanimous vote, requested that the UN make its headquarters in the United States. The UN accepted this suggestion and, after considering sites in the Black Hills, Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, Navy Island and what would in the future become the World Trade Center site, decided to construct the United Nations headquarters building in New York City in 1949 and 1950 beside the East River. The UN headquarters officially opened on January 9, 1951, although construction was not formally completed until October 9, 1952.

Why the United Nations was registered In Batavia, Indonesia

The United Nations was registered in Batavia, which is now Jakarta, Indonesia with the UN- APPROVAL NO.MISA 81704 on August 17, 1945 and the UBS-UNPRI, which is the UN-Principle for Responsible Investment, held by SWISSINDO.

The first President of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno (1), the Founding Father funded the United Nations Organization with EXHIBIT B OBLIGATION CERTIFICATE UBS “17 SBG” with a value of USD 506,502,000,000.00 (Five Hundred Six Billion Five Hundred Two Million) for the MAXIMUM PERIOD of 70 years, ending on the 17 August, 2015. This answers WHY the Mission’s name is United Nation Swissindo and has the right to the United Nations SEAL/LOGO.

League of Nations Logo

 In practice, the League of Nations was not able to solve the problems of great importance toward the development of world peace, and it failed to prevent the outbreak of WWII in September 1939. The League of Nations formally dissolved itself on April 18, 1946 and transferred its mission to the United Nations.

The United Nations Organization was launched in San Francisco on February 13, 1946.

President Soekarno backed the UN, because he had the ultimate purpose of taking the world “BACK TO BASICS”, which is an Essential Foundation and Moral Code for ALL, including Responsibility, Truthfulness, Accountability, Dignity, Diplomacy, Respect, Honour, Compassion, Non-greed, Non-theft, Non-endangerment and Selfless Service to Others.

In 1948, United Nations adopted “BACK TO BASICS” in a Resolution entitled “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Whereas, recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family are the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

From the North, East, South or West, the doors of NEO The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth are open to all Men, Women and Children of all nations, peoples and countries. All Creatures are universally accepted and all of Nature, together with its natural environment, are protected and included as the ecosystem of the Kingdom.

Missing Records:

There are no records of President Soekarno’s involvement with the United Nations to be found in UN official or unofficial documents that show anything related to President Soekarno being the Chief of the UN Council Board, or the original UN registration being in Batavia, Indonesia on August 17, 1945.

The official records only show that on September 28, 1950, Indonesia became a member of the United Nations and resigned on August 20, 1965. But, on September 28, 1966 Indonesia once again became a member of the UN.

As can be seen in the official record below, there is no record of President Soekarno as the UN Secretary General

List of UN Secretary Generals

Secretary-GeneralNationalityDates in Office
Trygve Halvdan LieNorwegian1946–1953
Dag HammarskjöldSwedish1953–1961
U ThantBurmese1962–1971
Kurt WaldheimAustrian1972–1981
Javier Pérez de CuellarPeruvian1982–1991
Boutros Boutros-GhaliEgyptian1992–1996
Kofi AnnanGhanaian1997–2006
Ban Ki-MoonS Korean2007–2016
António GuterresPortuguese2016 –

It is no surprise, however, when searching for Truths, we find that our history books and much internet information are strangely altered or missing true and factual occurrences.

What is President Soekarno and John F. Kennedy’s connection to UN SWISSINDO?

In 1963, The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement was signed by Indonesian President Soekarno, President John F. Kennedy and William Vouker, as the Swiss state and Bank witness in Geneva, Switzerland.

President Soekarno, President John F. Kennedy and William Vouker

 The triangular agreement was done at the Hilton Hotel in Geneva on November 14, 1963, as part of U.S. government acknowledgement of the existence of gold bullion from Indonesia, which was to be used as collateral for the U.S. financial world to issue gold-backed US Dollars, in order to continue to facilitate International Trade. The operation was to be conducted by the Swiss Government through (UBS) the Union Bank of Switzerland. The potential of this Agreement led to President Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110, June 4, 1963, which provided the Department of the U.S. Treasury the power to issue United States Dollars (instead of the Federal Reserve). On the November 22, 1963, eight days after the signing of the Green Hilton Agreement, United States President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The authority granted to the U.S. Treasury was never carried through.

The intent and purpose of this agreement was to free the American people from the Banking cartels’ tyranny and the debt slavery system, in which Humanity is still caught up today; this freedom was to lead to the financial freedom of the entire world. With the death of President Kennedy and the house arrest of President Soekarno, this plan never came to fruition; it was the framework for the international cooperation that has now resulted in the SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT MISSION (UN Swissindo), which is now carrying out President Soekarno and President John F. Kennedy’s Mission and taking it GLOBAL.

Who is UN SWISSINDO’S Leader Now?

As of 2008, His Majesty MR. A1.SINO.AS.S”2”.IR .SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO, H.W.ST. M1, Kholipatul Immam Mahdi Ratu Adil, King of Kings, (Royal K.681 M1) is the Big Top President of Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, NEO the United Kingdom of God Sky Earth or now World Kingdom Empire (UN Swissindo) and Owner States-M1 with the Absolute Title, Veto Authority, as Licensor, World Executor, Accelerator and Successor, M2 is sum M1 (where M2 is the total value of all cash and global assets). M1 is also the holder of the Patent License Agreement for printing Legal Payment Standard World Currency with Certificate Codes 99.98 Series 1-4, the U.S.A-SWISS Consortium International Transmissions, the financiers consortium international INDONESIA, the UN- PRINCIPLE of UBS-UNPRI responsible for Investment in Global Access Trends in Gold 65’ and holder of certificate of Cash M1 QR-154-321-CO-003496 JM, LONDON AZL 18/AS 1344 Exhibits AB with Confirmation Letter UBS No. UNSAG/SBG /6118/045/RS.DRS/VII/01, since July 15, 2001.

Royal K.681 M1

As Single Trustee and Holder of the Global Assets and Collateral Accounts, he has engaged in this mission to return to Humanity what was stolen from us: Freedom, Prosperity and Equality for all Nations and people of the Planet.

UN Swissindo’s Mission and Goals

Swissindo World Trust International Orbit aims to free humanity from financial and physical burdens of the slavery systems, reconnecting to nature, Back to Basics and back to Source, creating Spiritual awareness and aligning Heaven to Earth through Implementation of Payment Order 1-11.

Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, NEO the United Kingdom of God Sky Earth is a non-profit humanitarian organization that wishes to present to you a World Solution Gift Offer of P1-11 of the Construction of the Universe for the people of the World in 253/357 Countries.

Swissindo World Trust International Orbit’s mission is to return the world’s freedom and inheritance back to the people: to every man, woman and child in this world.

Now let’s journey towards the SOLUTION …

There is NO President in the United Nations Organization.


  • Take care of all United Nations activities.
  • Prepare the organization of the meeting of the UN main bodies, and
  • Make an annual report on the activities of the United Nations.


  • Give direction and provide the overall vision, mission, strategy, goals and sense of direction for the organization.
  • Be the spokesperson/representative/external liaison for the organization.
  • Form, staff, guide, lead and manage an organization sufficient to accomplish the President’s responsibilities and the strategic plan of the business.
  • Lead, guide, direct and evaluate the work of executive leaders of the organization. The Presidency has the duty to supervise the implementation of the overall policy of the Organization.
  • Collaborate with the Secretary General in carrying out the overall activity of the Organization and make timely progress toward the fulfilment of its strategic plan.
  • Ensure decisions are made in a timely manner and then translate these into meaningful actions holding appropriate parties accountable for success.

Has United Nations Fulfilled its Purpose and Goals?

It has been 70 years since United Nations was founded, but we still have wars that are being created by corrupt leaders to benefit themselves and banking cartels, which destroy World Peace. We still have hunger that comes from the lack of protection from tyrannical and greedy governments. We still have governments and banks that create more lack in their people, by robbing them through the monetary slavery system and unnecessary taxes. To date it seems that the UN needs a lot of help to bring us, the people, closer to the solution, World Peace.

Royal K.681 M1 through Payment Order 1-11 (P1-11) UN SWISSINDO will aid the UN in completing the tasks to bring about Peace and Prosperity for All Peoples and Nations. This will enable the UN Preamble to be achieved fully.

Royal K.681 M1 is committed to serving humanity for peace and prosperity and he would like to offer support to all countries in these difficult times. He therefore invites you, the People of all countries to join us in this New World Agreement, so you may benefit from our programs – P1-11, Country Quota and Human Obligation – which can provide a basic income for all, along with funds to support all humanitarian projects that are for the good of all. We are confident that true peace can be secured through fair and equal opportunities for all.

It is time for us to live in love, peace, prosperity and harmony as one big family. Return to the people the life that is Divinely intended, for the Highest Good of All.

Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, NEO the United Kingdom of God Sky Earth is the perfect answer for the World Peace Solution!

Einstein was writing about a single world government at the time he wrote:

“I do not know how the third World War will be fought, but I can tell you, what they will use in the Fourth — sticks and stones.”

Albert Einstein described a chaotic capitalist society, a source of evil to be overcome, as the “predatory phase of human development” (Einstein 1949).

We are at the final stage of that phase of human development and we are at the brink of the next phase, the New Earth, where all Kingdoms, including Human, Animal, Plant and Mineral, live on the Planet in Harmony and Respect under Divine Law, where All Are One. Blessings Be.


UN Swissindo’s trail of milestone existence can be found as early as the 1300’s, although under the name of Swissindo (SwissIndonesia) was recorded to be established in 1887, by the Founding Fathers.

The 3 Original Agreements:

  1. Asal Usul Perjanjian NKRI (The origins of NKRI Agreement)
  2. Asal Usul Perjanjian antar Umat Beragama di Dunia (The origins of the Interfaith Agreement in the World)
  3. Asal Usul Perjanjian Kerajaan Langit & Bumi (The origins of Heaven and Earth Kingdom Agreement)
    • The Holder of the Country Certificate of NKRI 1781945, 25 Parent Country Certificates; is the Parent Country –Parent Banks (WB, UBS, BI) and Parent Armies (NATO, SEATO, NON-BLOCK) – covering Land Series 1-4 Wareld Van Eighendom Verponding Onderneming-Landreform of International Certificate; Convanel UBS 1951 and is the Keeper of U.N. Registration, Batavia 1945, UN-APPROVAL No. MISA 81704: Licensor of Patent License Agreement of Guaranteed Legal Payment Standard World Currency Printing;
    • Soerat Pusaka Nusantara Kembali CODE 101.RI.1.45/SW/PNK/X/1966/2015, the Last Testament of the first President of Republic Indonesia, the RI Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Ir. Soekarno ST, Super Semar, Single Veto Authority over Trusty Prasasty Dynasty Assets, Exhibits AB (Kingdom and Country Assets), with Confirmation Letter UBS No. UNSAG/SBG/6118/045/RS.DRS/VII/01, since July 15, 2001, with a total of over 78 Billion Kilograms of Gold and Platinum;
    • Opskoop Central Buffer Stock Internationality of the entire Assets G.30.S.PKI.1965, since the Proclamation of Independence 1781945, which include 884 World Bank Infinite Collateral accounts (ASBLP03339022010), since its transfer of ownership June 28, 2012, in accordance with the World 12 Portal document from its custodian, King Anthony Santiago Martin (ASM), to the rightful single holder and owner, M1 Money Supply;
    • Direct Support Project Fund US DOLLAR Cash Liquid Unlimited, inside and outside of Banking System, Nation and Country Higher than Highest Institution (LTTB-LTTN), F.L.O. Fesselio Liuzes Orfilize, Power Attorney of Attorney, Signatory Guarantee Medallion Program for and on behalf of Representatives of 25 Parent Countries and their people, Swiss Banking System, National and International law, in accordance with ownership rights to INFRASTRUCTURE ASSOCIATION SYSTEM, Guarantor of Foreign Exchange earners for 25 Parent Countries and their People, and Veto Authority of 12 ISTAINI AGUNG NGESTI TUNGGAL.


Board Association Of International Document


  1. Indonesia (World Asset)
  2. Cirebon (World Nexus)
  3. Spain (World Verification)
  4. France (World Archives)
  5. London (World Forensic)
  6. Canada (World Signature)
  7. Denhaag/Hague (World Legal Institutions)
  8. New York (World Currency Circulation)
  9. Aceh (World Trade)
  10. Australia (World Treasurer)
  11. Singapore (World Prison)
  12. Yogyakarta Hadiningrat (World Policy)


  1. The International Committee Of 300
  2. The International Organic Agency
  3. United Nation Organization; Certification ASBLP03339022010

Since the end of World War II, an independent Indonesia was in transition, and circumstantial changes had to form Indonesia as a country, with its own constitution, as there were disruptions from the Dutch, who wanted to recolonize Indonesia, since Japan had departed from Bumi Pertiwi, Indonesia.

In 1946, the Founding Fathers of Indonesia immediately appointed Soekarno to be its first President, and the Indonesian National Army, the Police force and Parliamentary Cabinet were formed.
Soekarno was born June 6, 1901, in Surabaya. Young Soekarno was gifted with a photographic memory and a talent for languages, including Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese, Dutch, English, French, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, German, and Japanese.

He became the leader of the independence movement, the father of modern Indonesia and Indonesia’s first president. Known as “Bung Karno” (Brother Karno), as well as the Great Leader of the Revolution, Ambassador of the Indonesian People and Father of the Farmers, he founded the national ideology Pancasila and was the driving force behind Indonesia for the first 17 years of its existence.

Declaration of Independence for Indonesia

June of 1945, Soekarno introduced his five point Pancasila or principles of an independent Indonesia. They included a belief in God, but tolerance of all religions, internationalism and just humanity, the unity of all Indonesia, democracy through consensus, and social justice for all.

August 17, 1945, President Soekarno came to be known as the only true “elected” monetary controller (M1) on behalf of the depositors, to monitor and implement the Global Accounts for redevelopment purposes under United Nations UN-Approval No. MISA 81704 “Operation Heavy Freedom.” Soekarno was titled M1 (Monetary 1), as the keeper of the keys, codes and certificates to all world collateral, in trust for the people of the world.

This gold was documented into accounts through the Swiss Commercial Bank Union, Bank of Switzerland, placed under protection of the Swiss Attorney General, registered through the Swiss National Bank into the Bank for International Settlements International Collateral Combined accounts. Then from within the BIS, the accounts were secured, to form the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts of the Federal Reserve System.

August 18, at 10 am, Soekarno spoke to a large crowd in front of his home, declaring the Republic of Indonesia independent, with himself as President and his friend Mohammad Hatta as Vice President. He also promulgated the 1945 Indonesian Constitution, which included the Pancasila.

The conditions of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) were still present. Soon after, the RI was dissolved and the United Republic of Indonesia was formed, the Kingdoms and the Sultanates, Indigenous Leaders, who originally entrusted Soekarno as the Leader and Mandate Holder of the world collateral, all agreed to hand over their power to the NKRI (Negara Kerajaan Republik Indonesia/ Country Kingdom of Republic of Indonesia), in 1945.

How did the struggle end once NKRI formed? For Indonesia it was over – yet for the world, it has not yet been achieved. “Why has the world not achieved this?” In that moment, the Founding Fathers then saw how President Soekarno, the Indonesian leader, could play a direct role to realize the world as becoming NKRI, which is evidenced in Indonesia, as the Archipelago – a microcosm of the macrocosm of the world – with the philosophical foundation owned by the NKRI namely:

Palapa Oath (The World is Palapa/Nusantara/Archipelago)

The History of UN Swissindo is the Mission of God to restore the Earth to its original state to reveal Heaven on Earth … Its origins date back to the Palapa Oath.

Gajah Mada

 1. The Palapa Oath (Indonesian: Sumpah Palapa) was an oath taken by Gajah Mada, a 14th century Prime Minister of the Javanese Majapahit Empire described in the Pararaton (Book of Kings). In this oath Gajah Mada swore that he would not taste any spice, as long as he had not succeeded in unifying Nusantara (the Indonesian archipelago). The oath was taken during his inauguration as Majapahit Amangkubhumi (Prime Minister) that took place in 1256 Saka (1334) or 1258 Saka (1336). (2)

The Palapa Oath is founded on the ancient FATWA LAW, which is the King’s Spiritual Law and Highest Government, for the King is accountable to God, as it is his duty and human obligation to protect those who ask for and require his protection.

2. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity), even though there are many diverse tribes, all remain united under one Constitution.

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is the official national motto of Indonesia. The phrase is Old Javanese translated as “Unity in Diversity” (Out of Many, One) 1. It is inscribed in the Indonesian national symbol, Garuda Pancasila (written on the scroll gripped by the Garuda’s claws), and is mentioned specifically in article 36A of the Constitution of Indonesia. The name of Garuda is inspired by a mythical bird, the mount of Lord Vishnu and the Buddhist gold bird king, King Garuda.

3. Mukaddimah 1945 (Preamble to the Constitution) abolished the Earth’s occupation and protected the World Order. “Whereas freedom is the inalienable right of all nations, colonialism must be abolished in this world as it is not in conformity with humanity and justice;”

The Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia is usually referred to as the 1945 Constitution. This is partly because the constitution was drafted and adopted in 1945 when the Republic was established, and partly to distinguish it from two other constitutions, which were introduced in free Indonesia. Furthermore, the articles of the 1945 Constitution spell out the ideals and the goals for which independence was proclaimed on August 17, 1945, and defended thereafter. It reflects the spirit, and vigour of the time when the constitution was shaped. It was inspired by the urge for unity and for the common goals and democracy built upon the old Indonesian concept of gotong royong (mutual assistance), musyawarah (deliberations of representatives) and mufakat (consensus).

Guided by these fundamental principles, the basic aims of the state are to establish an Indonesian Government, which shall protect all the Indonesian people and their entire motherland, advance the public welfare, develop the intellectual life of the nation, and contribute towards the establishment of a world order based on freedom, peace and social justice.

4. The base of Pancasila Constitution is the philosophy of Moral Principle I and II:

Pancasila ‘Shield’

Pancasila, pronounced Panchaseela, is the philosophical basis of the Indonesian Country. It consists of two Sanskrit words, “panca” meaning five, and “sila” meaning principle. It comprises five inseparable and interrelated principles. They are:


Click here for elaboration of these Guiding Principles

 5. The title of the National Anthem ‘Indonesia Raya’ becomes the philosophy of Indonesia (NKRI) Raya – which is the World. Thus the world becomes Indonesia (NKRI), then appears INA: 117.113.112.ITJ.CIJ. Only the country of Indonesia had the philosophy overall, until five countries joined in support of the NKRI.

Commemorative stamp

The national anthem is ‘Indonesia Raya,’ which means Great Indonesia (Raya as the Universe). The song was composed in 1928. The colonial policy of the day was “divide and rule.” It was a policy that deliberately aggravated language, ethnic, cultural and religious differences amongst the people.

The birth of Indonesia Raya marked the beginning of Indonesian nationalist movements. The song was first introduced by its composer, Wage Rudolf Supratman. Indonesian youth of different ethnic, language, religious and cultural backgrounds resolutely pledged allegiance to:

  1. One native land, Indonesia;
  2. One nation, the Indonesian nation
  3. One unifying language, the Indonesian language.

The song seriously aroused national consciousness among the people throughout the archipelago.


The Founding Father, President Soekarno was performing in the international world, on the basis of the above five elements, philosophy, vision and mission. After World War II, the Japanese surrendered, and the state of the world was in chaos. Therefore, it was through the initiative of Soekarno that the world was reorganized together with five world leaders, at the time, who agreed to reconstruct the League of Nations, which became the United Nations (UN) with institutional organizations, such as the ILO, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO and other permanent members.


The five countries reconstructed the UN, which were listed in the UN Charter. From the agreement that was reached in the Charter came the vision and mission for the Unification of the World. This agreement created the world assets of the United Nations. Therefore, the world that was invested in the UN included assets of the kingdoms of the world, the assets of the private people in the world (Dynasty) that were written and recorded in a document called Trusty, Prasasty, Dynasty (included in the world heritage). Prasasty is a charter or document written on a hard and durable material, among the various sources of ancient history of Indonesia, such as foreign manuscripts and stories, the inscription is considered the most important source, because it can provide chronology to an event.

Once the list of assets were collected, it appeared in the Inventory of World Assets from all countries of the world that deemed Indonesia, as the owner of the biggest asset, which includes 300 large/great kingdoms and 800 small kingdoms (panembahan), plus the Trusty, Prasasty, Dynasty Assets.

Compare them with the assets of China – 2 great kingdoms, the British – 1 great kingdom, Saudi Arabia – 1 large kingdom, India – 2 great kingdoms, Thailand – 1 great kingdom, the French – 1 great kingdom, the Dutch – 1 great kingdom and others. President Soekarno placed the vision and mission above and agreed upon by the five (5) World leaders, into the NKRI and written in the UN Charter as follows:

  1. NKRI USA – Protectors of the World.
  2. NKRI Russia – Creator of Weapons.
  3. NKRI England – Monetary of the World.
  4. NKRI China – Caretaker of Nature.
  5. NKRI Indonesia (INA 1) – Printer of Currency (Mint).

Those five countries listed in the UN Charter, each with a task, created conflict between NKRI USA and NKRI Russia. Why is that? NKRI USA as the Protector of the World also created weapons, which gave rise to the so called Cold War between the two countries, starting in 1947 and reaching its climax with the nuclear arms race. It did not end there.

President Soekarno had a vision to open the World Bank, and those 5 countries agreed (Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia). Consequently, the bank structure was formed as follows:

  1. Parent Bank Ratu Mas Kencana Room, centred in Indonesia as the World Financial Resources, because Indonesia is the Printer of Currency (Mint) as stated in the UN Charter.
  2. Parent Bank for Operations is Swissindo, but failed to form because Indonesia was not ready.
  3. Swiss Bank, or Bank of Switzerland, as a unit that was finally operational throughout the world until now, is centred in Geneva, Switzerland.

Together, the five countries (mentioned above) agreed to use the acronym of NKRI, as listed in the UN Charter, so the world assets became the United Nations’ assets, the base of formal jurisdiction that the world is NKRI, which has been formed as the material of the NKRI. President Soekarno established the three parent banks (WB, UBS, BI) in the world, with UN (world) assets to become the World Collateral in the Swiss Bank. It was presented that 85% of the world’s assets be used as the Swiss Bank’s assets, belonging to Indonesia (INA 1) and the remaining 15% belonging to several countries in the respective figures of 0.1 to 1% for each other country.

The three parent banks

Thereby, Indonesia (INA 1) shall be entitled to the control of the Swiss Bank. Thus, President Soekarno placed/ positioned his successor to become the President of the United Nations, under the code name Mr. Bernard Nobel and another code name. In addition, at the Swiss Bank, President Soekarno positioned his future successor to be the Chairman and simultaneously as Owner of the Swiss Bank, just prior to his death in 1970.

Mr. Bernard Nobel retired from the above two world institutions (UN, ICJ). The handover of the two world institutions transpired from Mr. Bernard Nobel to his successor, M1. M1 became the Singleton, because all of those world institutions are recognized by the world countries in the 12 portals of the world (Committee of 300, International Organic Agency, United Nation Organization). Thus, the Swiss Bank has expanded itself in the world financial circulation by establishing Swiss Bank units throughout the world, with the total of 884 UBS, from the Collateral of Swiss Bank where 85% of its assets belong to Indonesia (INA 1).

Therefore, countries in the world are using Indonesia’s collateral for their countries’ loans with Swiss Bank. Consequently, the collateral loan (lease), in the amount of 2%, becomes the property of the owner of the collateral, namely Indonesia (INA 1), the richest country in today’s world. For several years, President Soekarno was receiving a fee from the collateral loan from other countries, which was planted in the Committee of 300, parent of multinational companies, and currently has tens of thousands of companies in the world that produce enormous profits.

Indonesia, in the structure of the NKRI, is INA 1. Therefore, the total for Indonesia, implicitly and explicitly, are a number of countries in the world, until there are INA 1, INA 2, INA 3… and so on. Thus, there are many countries in the NKRI of INA 1 up to INA 153 countries, and thus the world’s assets are divided into INA 1 (51%) and 49% for the other countries.

At this time, the distribution of these rights to all countries in the world will begin, with the return/ entitlement mandate of 51% to the Republic of Indonesia (People of INA 1), to be immediately brought back to Indonesia by Royal K.681 M1. However, since 2008, in the process of the return and distribution of this Right, he has experienced many obstacles in his path, yet UN Swissindo has made a lot of progress and has since expanded to the 5 continents.


Since the great Independence of Indonesia in 1945, and the effort to assist the world in achieving independence, sovereignty, and prosperity, President Soekarno extended his reach to the United States of America, through an invitation to meet with President John F. Kennedy.

President Soekarno and President John F. Kennedy

In an effort to end corruption and free the people of the USA, on June 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed and issued, Executive Order 11110 authorizing the Treasury to take over the right to issue currency from the Federal Reserve, and strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government with interest.

The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement

 On November 14, 1963, JFK signed the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement with President Soekarno (as the International Trustee Holder of the Gold and M1) and William Vouker (representing Switzerland),  just 8 days before his assassination, in Dallas Texas, where he was to announce this movement to end the Federal Reserve, the corrupt world banking system, and return the wealth to the Americans and the people of the world.

This, combined with Executive Order 11110, was intended to end the financial slavery system, eradicate poverty, halt the Global Financial Crisis and reveal Heaven on Earth. This Executive Order has never been repealed, amended, or superseded by any subsequent Executive Order. In simple terms, it is still valid. Now WORLD KINGDOM EMPIRE – SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT (WKI-UNS) or UN Swissindo is here ready to complete the Mission.

Although the Order and Agreement still stand, they have been ineffective, since Soekarno was later overthrown in 1967 by the New Order movement that, according to Australian Historian Prof. Greg Poulgrain (article linked here), was orchestrated by the CIA, who put him under house arrest. The CIA later appointed Soeharto as President of the Republic of Indonesia, who assisted them in this coup. The siege against communism, known as the “G30S PKI”, was staged as a cover to find the ‘gold treasures’, where over 1 million to 3 million innocent men, women and children were massacred, in the world’s largest genocide movement. While under house arrest, Soekarno fell ill and due to refusal of needed treatment, he died June 21, 1970.

Kholipatul Immam Mahdi Ratu Adil, King of Kings Royal K.681. His Majesty MR. A1.SINO.AS.S”2”.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO, H.W.MA.ST. M1 (Royal K.681 M1) has been appointed as Soekarno’s successor, who since 2008 has become the Big Top President of Swissindo World Trust International Orbit, NEO the United Kingdom of God Sky Earth or World Kingdom Empire and Chairman of UNO Group, Owner States-M1, with the Absolute Title as Veto Authority.

Royal K.681 M1 is also the holder of the Patent License Agreement for Guaranteed Legal Payment Standard World Currency Printing with Certificate Codes 99.98 Series 1-4, the U.S.A-SWISS Consortium International Transmissions, the financiers consortium international Indonesia ]and holder of certificate QR-154-321-CO-003496 JM, LONDON AZL 18/AS 1344 Exhibits AB with Confirmation Letter UBS No. UNSAG/SBG/6118/045/RS.DRS/VII/01, since July 15, 2001.

Hence, the total amount, as stated in the Green Hilton Agreement, is part of the registration of Exhibits A and UBS-Certificate list, which equals the total volume of 74,760,920,184 Kilograms of precious metals.

As a Single Trustee and Holder of the Global Assets and Collateral Accounts, he has engaged in this Mission to return to Humanity what was stolen from us: Freedom, Prosperity and Equality for all Nations and people of the Planet through Payments Order 1-11 programs to every man, woman and child in 253/357 Countries worldwide.

(1) Sukarno is a common alternative spelling for Soekarno.
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