The Elders, Custodians and Warehouses

God has prepared a saving of funds in the form of Assets, which have always been under guard and maintained by His Officers (Elders) in secret warehouses.


These secret warehouses are secured with their own control system, under the sole veto authority of the Individual Parental Custody Agency-ICC of UN SWISSINDO, Part of the Exhibits AB, in conjunction with the World Bank Final audit of September 28, 2007, as an attachment of ASBLP – 0333902-2010 and the Acceptable Certificate at the amount of USD 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (one quintillion), to restore the world through Payment Order 1-11 as capital to prepare the New World Agreement in establishment of the Glorious Paradise on Earth.

Prasasty Seal

Most people and educated ‘Experts’, without the power of knowledge and perception, find it difficult to understand this. In fact, many officials and former officials of Indonesia are included in the list, with witnesses, who have gone across the country in search of Warehouses in Indonesia. Hence, the Green Hilton Agreement that was signed between Presidents Soekarno and Kennedy is also part of the registration of Exhibits ‘A’, UBS-Certificate list that equals the total volume of 74,760,920,184 kilograms of gold and platinum.


The RI first President, Ir. Soekarno established a series of ‘bunkers’ or warehouses and selected the Mandate Holders and Warehouse Guardians amongst his trusted officers. Some of these Guardians, Custodians and Elders are still alive, living abroad or in Indonesia, and some have reached beyond 100 years of age. The Mandate Holders and guards have never been paid and the assets have not been utilized due to a transfer of power and The Great Tragedy of 1965, G30S PKI (September 30 Movement).

Before the assets could be utilized, a Coup d’état occurred resulting in a transfer of authority/power. The KSAU TNI-AU (RI Special Armed Air Force) and several others were accused of being involved in the G30S PKI massacre. This required immediate action on the part of President Soekarno to rescue the assets. Through secret command, he instructed his couriers to notify Holders of the Mandate, Warehouse Guardians to flee and replace their entire identities, leaving their own residences/posts, and to rescue the Keys and Maps, while awaiting further orders.


In this era, the provision of guarantee of such assets was not required, as all the Mandate Holders and Warehouse Guardians were also appointed as members of the Council of the Republic of Indonesia, including the Governor of Bank Indonesia and the Minister of Finance.


In the era of the ORBA (The New Order) regime, after the first RI Government of Ir. Soekarno, the existence of the Council of the Republic of Indonesia was abolished and replaced by a DPA-Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia, without the involvement of all Mandate Holders and Warehouse Guardians as their members, as they were no longer regarded as the Holders of the Country Assets but now as ordinary citizens, so that all Assets /Treasures were controlled unlawfully, instead of embracing it together to help the Country, as had been planned by Ir. Soekarno, at the time of the Oath and Appointment of the Mandate Holders, of the portion / substitution of mandate, as mentioned above, to build the old 27 Provinces in Indonesia.

The bunkers or secret warehouses, under the sole veto authority of the Individual Parental Custody Agency-ICC of UN Swissindo, were protected and secured under the Single Authority and Owner Royal K.681 M1, the Bullion Big Bank Ratu Mas Kencana Room A1-1A.


G30S – PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia)

Following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and before the implementation of the ORDER OF THE ASSETS USAGE arose, a Coup d’état occurred resulting in a transfer of authority/power, and the arrest of KSAU TNIAU (RI Special Armed Air Force) and several others, accused of being involved in the G30S PKI massacre, 1965 (The Murder of 7 Generals/Heroes of the Revolution).

The Communist Party of Indonesia – Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI), was the largest non-ruling communist party in the world prior to being crushed in 1965 and banned the following year.

The PKI re-emerged on the political scene after the Japanese surrender in 1945, and it actively took part in the struggle for independence from the Netherlands. Many armed units were under PKI control or influence. Moreover, the growth of PKI troubled the more right-wing sectors of the Indonesian politics, as well as some foreign powers, especially the vigorously anti-communist United States.

On the night of 30 September and 1 October 1965, seven of Indonesia’s top army Generals were killed and their bodies thrown down a well (lubang buaya). The Generals’ killers announced the following morning that the new Revolutionary Council had seized power, calling themselves the “30th September Movement” (G30S).

Between one to three million Indonesians were killed in the massacre that followed. The victims included non-Communists who were slain because of mistaken identity or “guilt by association.” However, the lack of information makes it impossible to pinpoint an exact figure of casualties. A CIA study of the events in Indonesia assessed that “In terms of the numbers killed, the anti-PKI massacres in Indonesia rank as one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century…”

The United States CIA played a significant role in the genocide, which included supplying economic, technical and military aid to the Indonesian military, and also providing “kill lists” via the U.S. embassy in Jakarta which contained the names of thousands of suspected high-ranking members of the PKI. According to documentary filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer, director of The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence:

“We know that U.S. embassy officials were compiling lists of thousands of names of public figures in Indonesia and handing these to the army and saying, ‘Kill everybody on these lists and check off the names as you go, and give the lists back to us when you’re done’.” (Interview with Mr. Oppenheimer here, or the entire movie, The Act of Killing, here.)

TIME magazine presented the following account on 17 December, 1965:

“Communists, Red sympathizers and their families are being massacred by the thousands. Backlands army units are reported to have executed thousands of communists after interrogation in remote jails. Armed with wide-bladed knives called ‘parangs’, Moslem bands crept at night into the homes of communists, killing entire families and burying their bodies in shallow graves.

The murder campaign became so brazen in parts of rural East Java, that Moslem bands placed the heads of victims on poles and paraded them through villages. The killings have been on such a scale that the disposal of the corpses has created a serious sanitation problem in East Java and Northern Sumatra, where the humid air bears the reek of decaying flesh. Travellers from those areas tell of small rivers and streams that have been literally clogged with bodies.”

The purge was a pivotal event in the transition to the “New Order” and the elimination of the PKI as a political force. The upheavals led to the downfall of President Soekarno and the commencement of Soeharto’s three-decade dictatorship.

Killing the army Generals was not on the agenda of the 30th September Movement, according to one of the key persons in the Movement, Colonel Abdul Latief, but killing them changed everything – changed Indonesian history, which led to General Soeharto taking power and wreaking mayhem, one of the largest mass-murders in the 20th century, resulting in the loss of one to three million of mostly innocent people in Indonesia. The PKI, under DN Aidit, was the largest communist party outside the Sino-Soviet bloc, and its decimation was a turning point in the Cold War. CIA interference and orchestration of the coup was an effort to find and gain access and control of the world’s ‘Golden’ assets in the hidden warehouses.

Forged Duplicate Letters and Documents were printed and have been circulating in the country and abroad on sadistic charges of engineering the Rebellion of G30S PKI in 1965. It is those letters/documents that frequently harm many people and the citizens of Indonesia. Many have been ‘Lost and/or Caught and then Released’ by paying a fine of millions of US Dollars, in an effort to disburse assets without the approval of the real owners.

As a form of accountability to God Almighty – over the horrific tragedy of the 1965 G30S PKI issue, the Supersemar March 11, 1966 and the massacre of UBS Historic Milestones, the culmination of the Historical Agreement that was declared as a human catastrophe – the International World and the People of Indonesia, thus recovered the good names of the parties and their families, who were accused of The Great Slander of G30S PKI, as the World Saviours.

All G30S PKI-65 Assets, since 1945 post World War II, are under the control of Consortium Internationality UN-SWISSINDO, as the Founding Father’s Regional International Institution, and the Veto Authority of Royal K.681 M1, Single Owner and Authority of the Bullion Big Bank Ratu Mas Kencana Room A1-1A.

For further information on the post-Soekarno Presidency legacy, counterpoint to the historical narrative.